Through management commitment to active focus on environment, Ropox A/S strives continuously to achieve improvement environmentally. Our employees will gain necessary information and training in environmental issues. By which continuous environmental improvements will be done compared to DS/EN ISO14001:2015.

In order to be able to implement our environmental policy, Ropox will strive to:

• Integrate environmental consideration into day-to-day work and to continually to seek improvements within this area with regard to technical development, customer demand, expectation of surroundings and society

• Develop working methods and procedures within the given economic scope and with regard to the environment

• Active relate to the industry´s environmental problems and comply with future environmental requirements through continuous improvements in our company

• Monitor and account for environmental aspects which are tied to all activities such as planning, development, purchasing of products and services as well as sales and production

• Train and inform our company´s employees in order to promote awareness for both internal and external environment

• Comply with legislations, regulatory requirements and other environmental regulation within our area.

• Provide our customers, suppliers, employees and the public in general with information about our environmental influence and work

• Be attentive towards authorities, collaborators and customers opinions of environment and to handle all enquiries regarding our environmental work in a serious way.