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The Ropox Bathroom has been developed in close co-cooperation with users, nursing assistants and occupational therapists. The systems comprise a variety of solutions for Walking-impaired persons, wheelchair users, and nursing assistants who obtain optimum working conditions. The bathroom products are hardwearing and ergonomic and designed to improve the mobility and they are safe and comfortable to use in the bathroom.

Bathroom Concept swing wash basin   Bathroom Concept support wash basin

Complete bathroom solutions with the Swing Washbasin
In the bathroom the Swing washbasin is ideal for the wheelchair user and the walking-impaired person as they may be seated when using it thus avoiding fall injuries.
The fact that the washbasin is adjustable in height and can swing makes it possible for the user to obtain improved mobility and space when using the bathroom. If you design a bathroom with limited space the flexible Washbasin will be ideal as you obtain more space and improved mobility.
Complete bathroom solutions with the support Washbasin
The support washbasin is solid and especially suitable for walking-impaired persons.
By using the shower seat and the specially designed toilet support arms together the user obtain great support and will be safely seated in daily bathroom situations.
The washbasin is adjustable which makes it unique and suitable for every user.


Bathroom Concept swing wash basin drawing   Bathroom Concept support wash basin drawing

Interior with Swing Washbasin
Interior with Support Washbasin

Ropox Bathroom products provide:
  • Increased self-support – The user will obtain improved mobility in the bathroom, be able to handle the daily routines him or herself and the user will get more privacy, more independence and an improved quality of life. And the nursing assistants will spare some time for other doings.
  • More space – With the bathroom solutions you obtain the best utilization of space, whether or not you have a large or a small bathroom. When you have a new building project and you save space you also save a lot of money. At the same time you obtain the best space conditions for both the user and nursing assistant.
  • Improved hygiene – With a better accessibility for using the washbasin you obtain an optimized hygiene when using the toilet. The practical design of the product makes it easier to clean and prevent accumulation of dust and dirt.
  • Improved working conditions – Ropox offers product solutions allowing great possibility for the user and the nursing assistant to work close together and with the improved mobility the nursing assistant will obtain excellent working conditions with no heavy lifting and correct working heights when working with the user in the bathroom.


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Our solutions can be used in furnishing in:
  • Nursing and senior residences
  • Sheltered housings and nursing homes
  • Rehabilitation centers
  • Hospitals and health care facilities



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