Table Concepts

Disability friendly tables that make life easier

Custom-made for seniors and people with mobility disabilities

They have a wealth of features that make them flexible and adaptable to the individual user. And at the same time, they have an elegant, modern and timeless design that fits both private homes, schools and care centers.

A disability friendly table has to be user-friendly, height adjustable, and wheelchair users should have sufficient legroom.

In the ROPOX table range, you will find basic tables that are reliable and durable tables in quality materials, and you will find tables with electrical height adjustment and tiltable tabletops. Common for them all is, that they have an ergonomic design that adds to the comfort for both users and caregivers. This means that the tables make everyday life better for both the user and carer because it becomes easier to use the tables. For example, the users can work by the desks for more extended periods because they can adjust it to fit their individual needs, and the carers’ work environment is improved which reduces the absence due to illness.

Height adjustable tables for the moments we share

A table is a required component in our lives. This is where we read, work and write. And it is where we meet with others and where we immerse ourselves. That is why it is imperative that the table is flexible. At ROPOX you will find a range of tables for both work, school, training and meetings.

No matter where you will use the table, you may need it to be height adjustable. ROPOX tables are available with different height adjustment solutions: Electrical, manual and periodic. This allows you to choose precisely the solution that matches your needs.

If you have reduced physical capacity or if you are visually impaired, you might need a tiltable tabletop to bring the documents closer to the user. If you are using a wheelchair, it is essential, that there is sufficient legroom underneath the table for the user to have enough space to sit comfortably at the table.

ROPOX tables are for everyone

Regardless if you are a child, adult, elderly or have reduced physical capacity, you will probably find a table that fits your needs. ROPOX tables come in many shapes and sizes, and the models with height adjustment ensure that a table can be used by both adults and children, and it is suitable for both seated and standing users.

But it is not only the table itself that makes the ROPOX table series popular in private homes and for professional purposes. It is also the little details that makes a big difference in everyday life. Like the arm supports that can be added to provide extra support for the user’s forearms and around the upper body for a balanced sitting position. And on tables with tiltable tabletops, there is – of course – a solution to keep the documents in place to avoid them from sliding off the tabletop.

ROPOX tables are more than just a table. They enable users to do more on their own, and the independence they bring makes everyday life easier and better: not only for themselves but also for their carers. You will find a broad table range that can be combined in numerous ways to match your needs and preferences.

ROPOX table solutions consist of a broad range that can be combined in numerous ways to match your needs and preferences. 

ROPOX tables provide:

  • Increased independence – due to the many features and flexible design
  • Greater reliability – the tables are safe and sturdy, and every model complies with relevant standards
  • Increased safety – the automatic safety stop prevents crushing injuries
  • Suitable for many purposes – the tables are suitable for both private homes, workplaces, schools, training sessions, and meetings



Our solutions can be used in furnishing in:
  • Schools and institutions
  • Occuppational Therapy
  • Private homes
  • Care centers

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