A height adjustable bathtub for elderly and people with disabilities


Disability friendly bathtub makes it easy for users and for caretakers

The height adjustable and disability friendly bathtub makes it easier and more comfortable for the user to get in and out of the bathtub.

The bathtub also provides excellent working conditions with correct working heights and a reduced number of heavy lifts for the caretakers. It is also possible to use a mobile lift without any modifications to the bathtub.

This bathtub is made of white fiber reinforced acrylic and the height is infinitely adjustable from 61–91 cm. As a result it is easy to height adjust with the electrical hand control which is included.

The bathtub is designed for washing and bathing children and adults in a gentle and comfortable manner while securing optimum working conditions for the carer. It is ideal for private homes, care centers and institutions that provide care for people with limited functional capacity.

Easy and gentle bathing for seniors and people with limited functional ability

When caring for users with mobility disabilities, a height adjustable bathtub makes the bathing easier and relieves the carer from heavy lifting. When assisting the user in and out of the bath, the bathtub can be lowered and when providing help with washing, the bathtub can be raised to a comfortable height.

This makes bathing more comfortable for both user and helper. As a result the user will feel safer and more secure as it is easier to access the bathtub; partly because of the height adjustment feature and partly because their carers can work from healthy and comfortable working positions. The care worker is also relieved from heavy lifting as the tub can be set to the optimum working height, and the intelligent and intuitive design allows them to pay full attention to the user’s needs.

If a mobile lift is needed to help a person into the bathtub, the bathtub has sufficient room for a lift under the tub. This means that a mobile lift has easy access and can be used without any modifications to the bathtub.

A tub for disabled and their carers that makes bathing safe

People with reduced mobility may often feel insecure in the bathroom because it is a wet and slippery environment that entails an increased risk of falling. That is why it is important to make bathing safe and secure for both user and carer, and the reason the bathtub is designed with safety features.

You can also add safety stop strips which avoid entrapment hazards when the bathtub is raised or lowered.

If the tub needs to be mobile, you can mount brake wheels on the bathtub frame. This increases the height with 9 cm and provides flexibility in environments where it can be necessary to change the location of the tub. As safety is a top priority, you can, of course, be assured the tub is stable when the wheels are braked.

Comfortable and user-friendly

To suit different user needs, it is also possible to add a shower bed cover onto the bathtub. The bed cover is soft and flexible with drainage holes. This feature is useful if people with different levels of mobility use the bath. Users who cannot enter the bathtub can instead be bathed when lying on the bed cover.

As the shower bed cover is tiltable, it can be folded up, when not in use. It is also possible to zip the cover on and off which can ease cleaning.

It is possible to mount a bed guard on the side of the bathtub. The bed guard can be folded up and down when needed.

The bathtub is made in white fiber reinforced acrylic. This ensures a smooth surface which is durable and easy to clean with a moist, soft cloth and soapy water.

Bathtubs for children and adults with special needs

The bathtub is available in three sizes allowing you to choose the tub that best fit the users’ needs.

160 x 70 cm
170 x 75 cm
180 x 80 cm

All models are 40 cm deep and electrically height adjustable from 61-91 cm. There is a hand control with a 2 meter spiral cable that allows you to set the height at the optimum level.

The hand control makes it easy to set height of the bathtub, allowing a person to easily be supported in and out of the bathtub.

The tub is tested and approved according to the international standard for assistive products for a max load of 250 kg with user and water.

The Ropox frame is extremely strong and has been tested with much more weight, than the max user weight indicated. This is to ensure the absolute highest level of safety for the user.
Ropox has chosen not to implement massage jets in its bathtubs, to ensure a high level og hygiene.

Since the quality, design, user-friendliness and safety features improve the level of comfort for the user and give the care worker the optimum working conditions, it is an ideal bathtub solution for children and adults with reduced functional capabilities and it is suitable for care centers, nursing homes and in private homes.

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