A washbasin that increases accessibility for wheelchair users


The ideal washbasin for wheelchair users and walking impaired

SwingLine is a flexible and height-adjustable washbasin that can significantly improve the independence of disabled people. The basin can rotate and swing 180 ̊ making it flexible and movable.
Wheelchair users find this washbasin to be perhaps the ideal solution for them. It is easy to adjust in height. There is also plenty of room under the basin for a wheelchair. It is easy to access from all sides, and the user or carer can move it to the side to create the largest possible turning area for a wheelchair.

The flexibility of the washbasin truly makes a difference because it enables the users to become more self-reliant. It also provides a better working environment for the carers.

Personal care is not always easy for people with mobility disabilities. With the right aids they can become more self-reliant and get a higher quality of life.

The SwingLine washbasin is probably the most user-friendly basin for wheelchair users and walking impaired. There is sufficient room for the chair to get under the sink. It is also flexible and can turn to the sides. The rotating feature also makes it possible to create the largest possible turning area for a wheelchair when pushing the washbasin against the wall.

The flexibility of the washbasin makes the users more independent

It is essential that the bathroom décor and design meet the user’s individual needs and physical condition if the room should be comfortable and easy to use.

The SwingLine washbasin can rotate and swing 180 ̊ and this feature makes it simpler to use the toilet for people with mobility disabilities. It means that the user can place the washbasin in front of the toilet and wash their hands while seated reducing the number of transfers to the washbasin.

The shape and size of the washbasin ensure that both a seated and a standing user can use the washbasin from several sides. The accessibility is a big advantage to wheelchair users because they do not have to adjust themselves to the washbasin; it is the washbasin that can be customized to suit the user’s needs.

The carer’s work environment is also improved. The physical strain of leaning over, lifting and offering support is relieved because the number of transfers is brought to a minimum level.

Height adjustment makes it easier to wash hands

SwingLine washbasin is available with manual height adjustment. Depending on the model, the height adjustment range is 15 cm for models without dock-in and 20 cm for models with dock-in. This means that the user and carer can set the level of the sink to the height that fits the user’s needs.

The height adjustment also makes the sink suited for both standing and seated use. It can be lowered for seated users, e.g., wheelchair users or elderly users who prefer to sit while washing hands or brushing teeth, and it can be raised for standing users or carers.

Room for toiletries

If you prefer extra room for toiletries, you can choose a model with a dock-in option. Once the washbasin is placed in the dock-in, you get the look of a standard vanity wash basin with extra space for, e.g., hand soap, hand lotion, toothbrush, and other toiletries, you would like to have nearby.

Using the dock-in does not limit the flexibility of the washbasin, as these models have the same ability to rotate and swing as all other SwingLine models.

If you need further storage space, you can get a detachable accessory tray that is placed on the edge of the sink.

Benefits for the user and their carers

SwingLine washbasin is the perfect sink for wheelchair users and designed specifically with their needs and requirements in mind. The flexibility of the sink enables them to become more independent and self-reliant in the daily personal care routines, and this adds significantly to the quality of life.

The work environment of the carers and cleaning staff will also be improved. The helpers can easily maneuver the washbasin to an optimum care position, and the cleaning staff will enjoy a sink with a cleaning friendly design with rounded corners without any dirt traps.

The SwingLine is a good solution for both users, their carers and the people investing in modern assistive products.

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