Stationary brackets make the kitchen worktop height adjustable

When you mount a kitchen worktop on fixed brackets, the worktop becomes height adjustable. You attach the sturdy brackets on the wall, and they keep the worktop stable and in place. The brackets make it possible to adjust the worktop height to suit different people’s needs. That means that the resident will have a kitchen that fits their physical capabilities and needs, and this makes the kitchen satisfying to use, and it also makes the resident more self-reliant.


Suitable for senior housings and disability friendly homes

The stationary brackets are ideal for kitchens where you only need to adjust the height occasionally. This could be the case in senior housings, disability friendly homes or other accommodations for people with mobility disabilities. When a new resident moves in, you can adjust the flexible kitchen solutions to the new resident’s needs, e.g., a height adjustable worktop and height adjustable upper wall cabinets. When the kitchen solutions are flexible, the user becomes more self-reliant and independence improves the user’s quality of life.


Height adjustable and flexible kitchen worktop

When you have mounted the brackets, the worktop can be adjusted stepwise in intervals of 4,2 cm. The total adjustment range is 23 cm. The brackets have a measuring tape which makes it easy to see how much you lower or raise the tabletop. It also ensures that you adjust the table to the same height on each bracket.

When the worktop is height adjustable, the same kitchen can be used by both standing and seated residents. Regardless if the user is sitting or standing, he or she will have a comfortable position at the table. When furnishing homes for seniors and people with disabilities, accessibility is important, and brackets are one way to make the kitchen well suited for people with limited physical capacity.


Fits all regular kitchen worktops

You can mount all standard kitchen worktops on the stationary brackets. That allows you to turn an ordinary table into a height adjustable worktop. The brackets have a simple, discrete design with a smooth, white surface that fits well into most kitchens no matter if it is senior housings, disability friendly accommodation or private homes.

The maximum user load is 75 kg on each bracket, and naturally, they are tested and approved according to the relevant standards. This makes them a safe, stable solution that is financially worthwhile when you would like a flexible and accessible kitchen for the elderly and people with mobility disabilities.


Item no.: 30-80006

Worktop brackets
Adjustment 23 cm vertically up- and downward, infinite adjustment
Maximum distance between the brackets 80 cm
1 set = 1 worktop bracket and 1 wall bracket

Standard colour is white - RAL 9010



Technical data

Kitchen worktop brackets technical data

Manufactured in accordance with the following standard: DS/EN12182-2012
Max. load: 75 kg evenly distributed



Item no.: 30-45007

Stainless steel sink
Model A-400
Size 40x34x13.5 cm
Incl. insulation plate

Item no.: 30-45008

Stainless steel sink
Model A-400
Size 40x34x10 cm
Incl. insulation plate

Item no.: 30-45010

Plumbing kit
The kit consist of elbows, universal trap, flexible waste pipe, intersection, crossings and 2 feed pipes 100 cm.
Colour: white