Kitchen Countertops

Kitchen countertops for handicap – height-adjustable table frames

A future-proofing of your products

By pairing the Ropox Connect app to your Ropox Product via Bluetooth wireless technology, the app allows you to set your Ropox products at a specific height, allowing you to participate in daily routines minimizing inappropriate seating positions. Furthermore, the app allows you to state a pre-set height, so the Ropox product always fits the user’s needs.

When the kitchen worktop is flexible, everyone can use it

Improving accessibility in a kitchen requires flexible solutions. With a height-adjustable worktop and by removing base units, seated users get sufficient room for the wheelchair under the table, and it enables them to reach the tap and use the stove without any problems. Adjust the height with the control panel, a control device or a remote control. The control device is available with a key lock that locks the control device after a configured time. This ensures that only authorised personnel can operate the height adjustment. This feature is interesting for, e.g. schools and other environments where multiple users use and have access to the table. The height can also easily be adjusted with a small handle that you can mount on the front edge of the table. When the handle is on, you only need to turn it a couple of times to set the table to the height you prefer. Since the manual lift system can be used for practically every kind of worktop, it is also used by both private users and professionals.

Elegant and high-quality design

A kitchen designed for people with impairments sometimes has an institutional feel. But when you use Ropox, you get a modern, timeless look. Even if a kitchen uses modern assistive devices and welfare technology, it should still look nice and elegant. That is why all installations and legs under the worktop are hidden behind cover plates. The cover plates discretely hide the lifting device, and they also make the system cleaning friendly as they are quick and easy to wipe with a moist cloth and you avoid dirt traps. If you would like the cover plates to match the rest of the kitchen decor, you can order them in several colors.

Maximum safety and durability

Safety is key in an accessible kitchen. And when there are height-adjustable solutions, there is always a risk of items being squeezed. It is a measure that registers power peaks underneath and on top of the tabletop. If it identifies hard objects, the table stops and relieves the pressure. You can also add a safety stop strip under the front edge of the worktop. The safety stop registers soft tissue resistance, e.g. if the legs are squeezed when lowering the worktop. If any resistance is measured, the safety stop brings the table to a standstill and relieves pressure so that you can remove the part or item. Stability of the worktop is essential when you mount a lift system to make a kitchen handicap friendly. It is no good if the worktop is not firm, stable and durable.

A discrete, durable and safe solution

The sit-/stand frame is a discrete solution. Once it is mounted, the kitchen will still have a nice, clean look. Partly because all installations and legs are hidden behind cover plates, and partly because the cover plates can be supplied in different colors to match the rest of the kitchen. You can increase safety even further by mounting a safety stop to avoid crushing injuries. The safety stop makes the table stop immediately if it registers any resistance, and the worktop will automatically reverse the direction allowing you to remove the object that is in the way.

A kitchen table frame you can adjust to individual needs

The frame has vertical legs and horizontal support arms. The sturdy support arms keep the kitchen worktop stable and firm, and the result is an elegant floating worktop with maximum flexibility. The frame is easy to mount. It is mounted on the wall, and if you would like it on a non-bearing wall, you can add support feet to provide extra stability to the worktop. There are never two kitchens that are completely the same. That is the reason you can adapt the products to fit into the kitchen where you need the lift system installed. That means you can use the system for both relatively small tables or for worktops that are quite long. No matter the size of the table, the workshop will get the required support which provides the users with a firm and sturdy table that is durable in use.

A flexible lifting unit for handicap friendly kitchen worktops

A lift system for kitchen tables makes a big difference. The kitchen becomes flexible, and it becomes more accessible to people with limited functional capacity because it enables them to take part in the kitchen chores. A solution for kitchens in sheltered accommodation and housings for disabled A height adjustable kitchen table has the advantage that both standing and seated users can use the kitchen making it possible for you to adjust the kitchen to different needs. This is often a requirement in sheltered accommodation and nursing homes where housings need to adapt to several users over time. And when you can keep the existing kitchen even if a new resident has different needs than the previous, a height adjustable table also becomes a solution that is financially worthwhile.
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