A quiet and height-adjustable table frame for kitchen worktops


FlexiPlus table lift system gives wheelchair users easy access to the kitchen worktop

FlexiPlus is a quiet, height-adjustable lift system for kitchen worktops. When mounting a worktop on the FlexiPlus, you can create a kitchen where people with impairments have easy access.

Especially wheelchair users will find a tremendous improvement in accessibility when a kitchen worktop is height-adjustable because it gives them full access to use the stove and sink. With a height-adjustable worktop and by removing base units, seated users get sufficient room for the wheelchair under the table, and it enables them to reach the tap and use the stove without any problems.

FlexiPlus is a refinement of the Flexi table frame. But FlexiPlus is quieter, has an extended height adjustment range, more flexibility in placing of legs and fewer components. This makes it easy to install, and you still get the freedom to choose from a wide range of sizes.

The Ropox Connect app allows you to set your Ropox products at a specific height, allowing you to participate in daily routines minimizing inappropriate seating positions.

A future-proofing of your products

By pairing the Ropox Connect app to your Ropox Product via Bluetooth wireless technology, the app allows you to set your Ropox products at a specific height, allowing you to participate in daily routines minimizing inappropriate seating positions. Furthermore, the app allows you to state a pre-set height, so the Ropox product always fits the user’s needs.

An accessible kitchen with flexibility

Improving accessibility in a kitchen requires flexible solutions. The FlexiPlus table frame is available in lengths from 60 to 300 cm, and it can be fitted to corner solutions and other special requirements. This means that you can get a lift system that fits your kitchen layout and worktops of any size.

Often, existing pipework can hinder the installation of lift systems. But FlexiPlus has an answer to that. If there are pipes on the back wall, the legs can be mounted protruding from the wall with distance brackets. This way, you can work around existing pipework and make full use of the worktop for the sink and hotplates.

Elegant and high-quality design

A kitchen designed for people with impairments sometimes has an institutional feel. But when you use the FlexiPlus lift system, you get a modern, timeless look. The legs and screws are hidden behind white covers. It is a simple and elegant solution that matches any kitchen in private homes and professional health care environments.

But looks are not everything. It also has to meet the practical requirements of use. When you mount FlexiPlus, you can level out the worktop in three dimensions. This way, you can be sure that the worktop is completely plumb and level – a small but very important detail when mounting a height-adjustable kitchen worktop.

Quiet and extra-long height adjustment

As standard, FlexiPlus comes with a 300 mm height adjustment range. But it is possible to programme the lift system to a 0-660 mm adjustment range.

Using the FlexiPlus, you can also look forward to an extremely quiet solution. The lift system works at just 37-40dB, where the Flexi Electric Standard is at 42-45 dB, which is notable if you are looking for a solution that blends quietly into the kitchen environment.

Adjust the height with the control panel, a control device or a remote control

The height is easily adjusted on the control panel on the front edge of the worktop. But you can also use a control device. The control device is available with a key lock that locks the control device after a configured time. This ensures that only authorised personnel can operate the height adjustment. This feature is interesting for, e.g. schools and other environments where multiple users use and have access to the table.

The control device can also be configured with pre-set heights. This way, the table automatically adjusts to the chosen favourite positions.

Also, you can get a remote control. This way, users can lower and raise the table at a distance.

Easy installation

The FlexiPlus is a plug and play solution. There are fewer parts compared to the other Flexi lift systems, which makes it easy to mount and install. When you order FlexiPlus, you get an installation manual that guides you through the steps ensuring that you get the system mounted easily and quickly.

Maximum safety

Safety is key in an accessible kitchen. And when there are height-adjustable solutions, there is always a risk of items being squeezed. That is why the FlexiPlus comes with the built-in Ropox Sicuro anti-collision feature. It is a measure that registers power peaks underneath and on top of the tabletop. If it identifies hard objects, the table stops and relieves the pressure.

You can also add a safety stop strip under the front edge of the worktop. The safety stop registers soft tissue resistance, e.g. if the legs are squeezed when lowering the worktop. If any resistance is measured, the safety stop brings the table to a standstill and relieves pressure so that you can remove the part or item.

Overall, FlexiPlus is a flexible, quiet and strong lift system that is equally suitable in private homes and professional settings where it improves accessibility.

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