Ergo tables

Item no. 7357

A height adjustable and ergonomic table for people with limited functional capacity

ROPOX ErgoTable is disability friendly table developed on the basis of ergonomic principles. The result is a table that is easy to use, looks beautiful and supports the users to be more self-reliant.

The table has a wide range of adjustment options. You can adjust the height of the table, and you can also tilt the table top which is a great help for visually impaired and people with limited reach.

You can get the table in a variety of sizes. Combined with the many options and the ergonomic design, it makes the table especially suitable for users with special needs. For example, wheelchair users have easy access to the ErgoTable because it is designed without any cross bars. That makes access easy and provides plenty of room for a wheelchair under the table.

There is a wide range of accessories that ensure you get a flexible table that fits specifically to the individual user.