Vision Table Electric

Disability friendly tables with electrical height adjustment

Vision Table Electric

Vision Table Electric is a disability friendly table with electrical height adjustment

Vision Table Electric is a table in premium quality developed specifically for visually impaired and disabled people. The table is made in quality materials. You can be sure that the table will last for years and can stand the test of time.
Vision Table Electric is a height adjustable and elegant table designed for visually impaired and people with mobility difficulties. The table has a range of features that make it very disability friendly. It is a table suitable for both work, school, play, and training.

The tables are available in different shapes and sizes and in two different heights. This means you can almost always find a table that matches your needs.

Our tables are developed with state-of-the-art welfare technology. The reason is it makes the users more independent and improves their quality of life. It also gives the helpers get a better work environment with minimum physical strain.

Vision Table Electric is an ergonomic table that supports the body for a balanced sitting position. This makes it an optimum table for both user and helper.

Disability friendly and tiltable tabletop

One of the special features of the Vision Table Electric is that it has a tilting tabletop. This feature is one of the reasons many find this to be one of the most handicap friendly tables on the market.

The tiltable top means that the tabletop can be raised to come closer to the user. As a result the user does not have to lean over the tabletop to read or write. For disabled people and wheelchair users, it can be difficult to lean over a table which is why this feature makes a big difference to them.

Many shapes and sizes

Vision Table Electric is available in a range of different models. Common to them all is that they have a fixed part and a tiltable part in the tabletop. The fixed part can be used for pencils, books and other things needed close to the table, and you can decide whether you would like the fixed part on the left or right side of the tiltable top. You can also choose a model that has a fixed plate on each side of the tiltable part of the tabletop.

The tiltable part of the tabletop can tilt up to 71° which is almost vertical position and for weak-sighted who might also have mobility difficulties, this makes it much easier to read.

You can configure if the tilting part should be in the middle, in the right or left side of the table top. It all depends on the user’s needs, for example taking into account if the user is lefthanded or righthanded.

The table can be supplied in three sizes: 90 x 60 cm, 120 x 60 cm and 90 x 90 cm. No matter if you need a table for the living room, for school purposes or in the office, you will probably find a size that fits.

A safe table makes everyday life better

When something can tilt, there is also a risk that something can get stuck, e.g., a finger. That is why Vision Table Electric always comes with a built-in safety stop.

The safety stop is your guarantee that if a finger or something else gets stuck when the tabletop is moving, the tabletop will stop immediately and relieve a little so the object can be removed. The safety stop is designed to automatically stop all movement the moment it meets any resistance moving up or down, and the tabletop cannot be moved until whatever is stuck, is removed.

That means you can feel safe that no one or nothing can get hurt when the tabletop is tilted.

The height is easily adjusted when with the electrical height adjustment

Vision Table Electric has electrical height adjustment which means that you can change the height with a light push on a button.

Some users with mobility disabilities find it difficult to use the manual adjustment on Vision Table Manual, and some users want the most comfortable solution. In these cases, Vision Table Electric is the answer.

The electrical height adjustment makes it effortless to raise or lower the table to the best possible sitting position.

The table is available in two heights: 50-70 cm and 60-90 cm. The right height depends on the user’s physics, and if you are in doubt which height is right, we would be happy to advise you.

A handicap friendly table

The table is developed specifically for people with mobility disabilities including wheelchair users. It has been critical for us to develop a table where wheelchair users easily could get their wheelchair under the table to ensure a comfortable sitting position. Luckily, we have achieved exactly that.

Vision Table Electric has plenty of legroom under the table since there are no crossbars in the leg frame. That leaves room for a wheelchair and nothing is blocking the way.

You can also mount arm supports on the table front. This provides support and improves balance and can furthermore help the user to an optimum sitting position by the table.

The leg frame is available with built-in castors with brakes allowing you to move the table with minimum efforts. The brakes ensure that there is no risk for the table to slide, but that it always is safely and firmly positioned.

Welfare technology that makes everyday life easier for the user and their carers

Vision Table Electric is a table developed for disabled people using modern welfare technology to make the user as independent as possible. When a user is more self-reliant, it adds to their quality of life.

The table also relieves the physical strain of the helpers as much as possible and reduces heavy lifting and pushing. E.g., when the table is to be moved, the castors makes it possible for the helpers to slide the table into place.

When a table is designed to be handicap friendly, it is a multitude of small details that make the difference, but it is these little details that make Vision Table Electric one of our most popular tables.

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