Vision Group Table

Elegant and height adjustable group tables for elderly and disabled people

Vision Group Table

A group table designed for elderly and disabled people

Most group tables are created for people with full mobility and do not necessarily consider that it may be difficult to get a wheelchair under the table.

That is not the case with Vision Group table. Everyone will sit comfortably regardless of physical abilities.

Vision Group tables are disability friendly tables for activities where people gather around a table. They are suitable as dining tables, work tables, meeting tables, school tables or conference tables.

The design is simple and elegant and made of high-quality materials. It is also a very popular table in our range and is used in both private homes, workplaces and institutions.

Vision Group tables are characterized by being comfortable for everyone to sit by – no matter the degree of mobility. They also have plenty of legroom which makes it easy for wheelchair users to get close access to the table.

You can adjust the table height manually, and it is available in two height ranges and also three different sizes. Common to them all is the high quality and stylish look that last for years.

Elegant, handicap-friendly group tables

Vision Group tables have a stylish and timeless design and are made of high-quality materials. This means that the table will last for years both regarding look and durability.

Details like the rounded corners and smooth tabletop surface present an elegant look and also make it comfortable to touch and sit by.

A table for work, private homes or institutions

You can use Group tables for many occasions. It may be as a dining table in a private home, as a conference table at work or as a meeting table in an institution.

Vision Group tables are suitable for all of these purposes because they meet or exceed the demands and requirements of tables for people with limited mobility.

The height can be adjusted manually

Vision Group Tables are supplied with manual height adjustment in two height ranges. This way the tables can easily be adjusted to the people sitting at the table.

You can choose either 50-70 cm or 60-90 cm height adjustment range.

Three table sizes to choose from

There are three different table sizes to choose from: 165 cm x 1100 cm, 200 cm x 100 cm and 240 cm x 100 cm.

This means you can get a table in a size that fits two persons on each side or you can also choose one of the larger table sizes if you need a handicap-friendly table for more persons.

If the standard sizes do not meet your needs, you can use the tables in extensions of one another.

The cleaning-friendly design makes everyday life easier

The table is designed to be easy to clean. The tabletop has a smooth surface without any dirt traps, and the elegant, oval legs are also very cleaning-friendly.

The rounded corners and edges are comfortable to touch and importantly also easy to dry with a cloth.

Handicap-friendly details

The table is designed without any crossbars and this provides plenty of legroom. Furthermore, it can be adjusted in height. This ensures that wheelchair users can get close access to the table.

Also, arm supports can be mounted on the table. They can be used as support to get a balanced position at the table and also provide possibility to rest the forearms.

The table can be supplied with castors with brakes so that it can be moved. You can be confident that the table stands securely once it is positioned and the brakes are on. The castors make it easy and flexible to move the table when needed.

The natural gathering point

A Vision Group table is a handicap-friendly meeting and group table where design and durability are top-notch. The simple design combined with the quality materials makes the table a favorite with many customers.

In situations where people with and without limited mobility sit by the same table, the Vision Group table is an excellent solution because it accommodates the needs of all without compromising design or quality.

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