Ergo Desk

An elegant, ergonomic and handicap friendly sit-stand desk

Ergo Desk

Electrically height adjustable table tailormade for people with disabilities

The ErgoDesk is an ergonomic and elegant sit-stand desk designed for people with disabilities.
It is a handicap friendly table in the Ergo series that is characterized by a simple and elegant design in high-quality materials.
The design is stylish with a light gray frame and tabletop. The table has a smooth finish with rounded edges and corners. The elegant design matches most environments in both private homes, at work, and in care centers.

The sit-stand desk is electrically height adjustable making it easy to set the table to the desired height. It allows the user to vary the position at the desk during the day to the benefit of both body and mind.

The table is developed with the needs of users with mobility disabilities in mind. That is why for example wheelchair users have easy access and can get close to the table without any obstacles getting in the way.

Height adjustable table for private homes, workplaces, schools, and care centers

Whether you need a handicap friendly sit-stand desk for a private home, for a workplace, a school or a care center, the Ergo Desk is a stylish and functional solution.

Like all ROPOX products, the ErgoDesk complies with the existing standards for assistive products for persons with disabilities. That is your guarantee that you will get a reliable, safe and functional product that lasts for years.

The height adjustment makes it easy to vary your work position

The ErgoDesk has electrical height adjustment from 60-125 cm. You can easily adjust the height with a light push on the control switch on the front of the desk. Within seconds the table can be set to the desired height. The height adjustment allows you to use the desk standing or seated.

It also means that people with mobility disabilities can have a sit-stand desk where varying the work position during the day becomes much easier. That way you can relieve the body from sitting in the same position too long. Sometimes even small height adjustments can change the stress points on the body which is good for the physical well-being and also improves concentration.

Elegant, timeless and handicap friendly design

The ErgoDesk is used in private homes, at work, in schools and care centers. That demands a table with a discrete and elegant design. The gray frame and laminate tabletop fit almost every interior as it is a timeless look and made in quality materials that stand the test of time.

The table is available in three sizes

When you choose a desk, you sometimes need a smaller table, and in other situations you might need a larger table with more space on the tabletop. That is why the ErgoDesk is available in three sizes:

160 x 80 cm

180 x 90 cm

200 x 90 cm

If you need a smaller desk, the model that is 80 cm deep is probably the best solution. It is a good size for a desk, and the smaller depth makes it easier to fit the desk in a smaller room or in environments where there you do not need a lot of space on the tabletop.

The models with 90 cm depth have a typical standard size for sit-stand desks. They leave plenty of room for a monitor, papers, letter trays and everything else needed closeby.

All ErgoDesks are designed without any crossbars ensuring wheelchair users have plenty of legroom and can get easy access to the table.

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