Ergonomic and height adjustable changing table developed specifically for child care centers


A user-friendly, ergonomic and height adjustable changing table

Medi2 is a height adjustable changing table developed specifically for child care centers like nurseries, kindergartens and other child care centers.

The table has electrical height adjustment from 60-100 cm. Therfor the care workers can set the height to a comfortable level and they can work in a healthy position. It also means that they avoid heavy lifting because the children can crawl on the table without assistance.

The height is adjusted from the top of the lifting unit. Furthermore, the placement of the control switch is out of the children’s reach.

Due to the ergonomic shape of the table, the care workers have everything they need at hand. No matter if it is placed on a shelf on the wall or in one of the baskets underneath the nursing table. There is also a large and soft area for the children.

Changing table where heavy lifting can be avoided

Medi2 is a changing table for nurseries, kindergartens and other child care centers that would like an ergonomic, height adjustable and user-friendly nursing area. It is a changing table that makes nursing easier for the care workers. It has electrical height adjustment that is set using a control switch. When changing a child, you can lower the table to its minimum height where the child can climb onto the table themselves. Afterwards the child is on the table, the care worker can raise the nursing table to comfortable working height.

The care workers do not have to lift and carry the child onto the nursing table. In a job where there can be many lifts during a day, it is a benefit to the health and safety of the workers, if heavy lifting can be avoided.

At the same time, the children lie comfortably and safely on the changing table. The ergonomic design with the rounded edges and corners are soft and smooth. The care workers can remain confident that there are no sharp corners to hurt or scratch the children. The rounded design also makes the nursing table easier to clean as there are no dirt traps where bacteria can hide.

Electrical height adjustment improves health and safety

The height adjustable changing table has an elegant and discrete design, and it also has all the functions needed in a nursing table for a modern child care institution. Medi2 has a height adjustment range from 60-100 cm. This makes it possible for the children to crawl on the table without help from a care worker. You can also use a small step ladder next to the table if the youngest children need a little extra help to get onto the table.

The lifting unit is a little smaller than on the Maxi2 nursing table, but it runs at the same speed; 50mm/s. It only takes 8 seconds to go from the lowest to the highest position. The care workers can easily set the height from the control switch on the top of the lifting unit. Naturally, it is placed out of the children’s reach.

Modify the nursing table to your needs

It is possible to choose Medi2 with or without a washbasin. The model without a washbasin measures 90 x 80 cm and has a practical size for smaller changing rooms. It is also suitable for changing areas that already have a sink installed but where you would like a more modern and user-friendly changing room.

Medi2 with integrated washbasin is 130 cm wide and 80 cm wide at the end where the children lie and 60 cm wide at the end where the care worker typically stands. The front of the tabletop curves slightly inwards and this gives the carers a perfect working position where they can easily reach diapers, washcloths, waste bags, etc.

You can also use the baskets underneath the table if you need more storage space at hand. Keeping the necessary items within reach allows the care workers to get what they need for changing without taking their attention off the children.

It is also possible to combine a nursing table with a basket unit. It is a section with an open cabinet with basket shelves where the top plate can be a normal worktop or with a sink. The basket unit can be placed next to a changing table or in between two changing tables as a middle piece.

There is also an option to choose a touch-free mixer tap or a mixer tap with a pull-out spray to modify the nursing table to the specific needs of the individual child care center.

If the youngest children need extra help in getting onto the nursing table, you can place a small, sturdy step ladder by the table. The ladder is designed with large, non-slip steps which are safe and easy to use for the children.

A reliable and durable changing table

A nursing table should – of course – be user-friendly and ergonomic, but it also has to be safe. The risk of scratches and injuries must be at an absolute minimum. For the Medi2 you can mount side guards if you would like to make the table even safer. This way the there is a frame on the sides of the table, which prevents the children from rolling over the sides.

The height adjustment has a built-in safety stop. This brings the table to an immediate halt if the table encounters any resistance when lowered or raised. It is one of the essential details that make the table safe in use and guard the health of children and adults.

It also complies with the standard ”DS/EN 12221-1:2008 + A1 2013: Child use and care articles’ and this guarantees that the nursing table is tested and approved with regards to safety, reliability, and durability.

No matter if you need a height adjustable changing table for a nursery, a kindergarten or a other child care centers, the Medi model is a nursing table that is perfect for a modern child care center as it provides both children and adults the best and safest day.

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