A flexible lift system that makes kitchen worktops manually height adjustable


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FlexiBasic is an efficient and height adjustable frame for kitchen worktops where you need occasional height adjustment. The portable lifting unit makes it possible to manually lower or raise the table. This makes it especially suitable for nursing homes, sheltered accommodations and housings for disabled people.

You can adjust the height manually from 65-95 cm with a jack-up lifting device located under the table. The lift system is mounted directly on the wall, and the sturdy support arms keep the worktop firm and stable. It leaves plenty of room under the table and provides the needed legroom for wheelchair users. It results in a comfortable position by the worktop.

The lift system allows you to make adjustable, handicap friendly kitchens that suit different users’ needs. But more importantly, it makes everyday life more comfortable for people with mobility disabilities.

A flexible lifting unit for handicap friendly kitchen worktops

A lift system for kitchen tables makes a big difference. The kitchen becomes flexible, and it becomes more accessible to people with limited functional capacity because it enables them to take part in the kitchen chores.

The FlexiBasic system is manually height adjustable from 65-95 cm in intervals of 5 cm. This means that it is a system suitable for kitchens where the worktop height only needs to be adjusted occasionally. If you need more frequent height adjustment, you may want to explore the FlexiManual or FlexiElectric lift systems.

When you want to adjust the height, you place the portable lifting unit under the frame beneath the worktop. Then you loosen the lock screws on each leg and change the height by fitting the handle in the transmission on the lifting device. When the table has the desired height, you tighten the screws again, and the table is adjusted.

A solution for kitchens in sheltered accommodation and housings for disabled

A height adjustable kitchen table has the advantage that both standing and seated users can use the kitchen making it possible for you to adjust the kitchen to different needs. This is often a requirement in sheltered accommodation and nursing homes where housings need to adapt to several users over time. And when you can keep the existing kitchen even if a new resident has different needs than the previous, a height adjustable table also becomes a solution that is financially worthwhile.

If needs change, you can also upgrade FlexiBasic to FlexiManual or FlexiElectric. On the FlexiManual system, the height is adjusted with a handle that is easily mounted on the front edge of the table, and on FlexiElectric the height is adjusted through a small control switch that is integrated into the kitchen worktop.

Flexible in both size and usage

FlexiBasic is easy to mount. It is a wall hung frame with robust and horizontal support arms that make the worktop very stable. You can use almost all kinds of worktops on the lift system, and it will fit table sizes from 60-300 cm in length and 58-62 cm deep. It is also possible to mount sink and hotplates in the worktop.

If you choose a smaller worktop, the lift system has fewer legs and support arms than is needed when using longer worktops because the load is lower. When the worktop length is 60-150 cm, the FlexiBasic is supplied with two legs and two support arms, while a table 255-300 cm long would need a FlexiBasic system with three legs and seven support arms.

Even if a kitchen uses modern assistive devices and welfare technology, it should still look nice and elegant. That is why all installations and legs under the worktop are hidden behind cover plates. The cover plates discretely hide the lifting device, and they also make the system cleaning friendly as they are quick and easy to wipe with a moist cloth and you avoid dirt traps. If you would like the cover plates to match the rest of the kitchen decor, you can order them in several colors.

Intelligent solutions pay off

When you choose to mount your kitchen table on a FlexiBasic lift system, you get a kitchen that is designed for elderly and disabled people. It has plenty of legroom under the worktop, you can adjust the height, and the solution is financially attractive.

Furthermore, it is a solution that is tested and approved to comply with the standard for assistive devices for people with mobility disabilities, and that is your guarantee that the product is both safe, stable and durable.

In all, FlexiBasic is an obvious choice when you periodically need to adjust the kitchen table height and at the same time get a handicap friendly kitchen where the users can participate in the activities and gain a greater quality of life.

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