A lift system that makes wall cupboard shelves height adjustable and disability friendly


Disability friendly kitchen cabinet with electrical lift system

VertiInside is a lift system that makes shelves in kitchen upper wall cabinets able to lower and raise. The system is mounted inside the cabinet and that way an ordinary kitchen cabinet becomes disability friendly.

When VertiInside is installed, the shelves in the upper cupboards can be electrically adjusted 49,5 cm in height. That means that seated users can lower the shelves in the cabinet and the cabinet contents get within easy reach. Even when the cabinet is lowered, there is still plenty of room on the kitchen worktop for kitchen utensils and doing kitchen chores.

VertiInside makes people with limited functional capacity more self-reliant and independent as they can do more on their own.

The electrical lift system can be mounted in new kitchen cupboards, or you can upgrade existing cabinets making them suitable for elderly and disabled people.

Kitchen wall cabinets with built-in flexibility

VertiInside is a lift system that is mounted inside a kitchen wall cabinet. When the system is installed, you can lower and raise the shelves. That means that instead of opening the cabinet doors to reach the cabinet contents, you only need to push a button on the control switch and then the selves are lowered to a height where seated users can reach the items inside the cupboard. For people with limited mobility, this has two significant advantages. One is that it solves the problem with reaching the items in upper cabinets. The other is that the content is directly accessible when the shelves are lowered, and there is no need to make room for opening the cabinet doors.

To put it short: VertiInside makes it possible to make kitchens that are adapted to the needs of elderly and disabled people.

Fits all standard size kitchen wall cabinets

You might think that it would be a bit difficult to mount the VertiInside lift system, but the matter of fact is that it fits into all standard size kitchen wall cabinets.

The only requirement is that the cabinet should be at least 70 cm high and 26,5 or 31 cm deep. VertiInside can be used in cupboards from 40-100 cm wide.

If you are building a new kitchen, you can choose to install the lift system from the beginning, but some may also need to upgrade an existing kitchen to suit a user’s need for flexibility and accessibility. Since the lift system can be used in standard kitchen cupboards, you can create a disability friendly kitchen that looks like a regular kitchen.

Upper cupboards with VertiInside can adjust the height of the shelves up to 49,5 cm up and down. You lower and raise the shelves with the control switch that is integrated into the kitchen worktop or using a hand control. No matter which solution you choose, the height adjustment is done easily and smoothly.

A safe solution that makes everyday life easier for people with mobility disabilities

VertiInside is a solution that makes a big difference for users who want to be self-reliant and independent. Like all ROPOX products, the lift system complies with the relevant standards regarding assistive aids for people with disabilities. This means that VertiInside is tested and approved in terms of safety, durability, and functionality. For example, it is tested for a load of up to 80 kg evenly distributed on the lift system.

To make the flexible shelves safe in usage, you can mount a safety stop plate. This way you can be sure that no one can get squeezed when the height is adjusted. The safety stop plate is installed in the bottom and on the top of the cabinet, and it brings the shelves to a halt if they meet any resistance when lowered or raised.

If more light is required on the worktop underneath the cabinet, you can also install LED spots in the bottom safety stop plate. These provide a pleasant and comfortable lighting on the kitchen table.

A lift system for private homes and professional kitchens

VertiInside is an intelligent solution that makes elderly and disabled people more independent and self-reliant in the kitchen. They will be able to use the kitchen with less help from others, and this makes their everyday life more comfortable. As the solution is suitable for both new kitchen cupboards and existing kitchens, it can be used in private homes, sheltered accommodation, nursing homes, special schools or other institutions where people with limited functional capacity participate in kitchen activities.

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