Simply raises or lowers the wall unit electrically


Kitchen cupboards accessible to people with mobility disabilities

VertiElectric is a lift system for upper wall cabinets in the kitchen. The system makes it possible to lower and raise the cupboards from 30 cm up and down to provide seated users easy access to the cabinet content.

Whether you are furnishing a new kitchen or if you are retrofitting an existing, you can use VertiElectric to make it handicap friendly. The system fits every standard size wall cupboard. This means that you can make ordinary kitchen cupboards accessible to people with mobility disabilities.

The lift system is only 5 cm deep and is mounted behind the cupboard itself. The height adjustment is set with a small control switch on the front fascia of the kitchen worktop or with a remote control.

Using VertiElectric elderly and disabled people become more self-reliant in the kitchen.

A lift system that makes wall cupboards height adjustable

VertiElectric is a lift system with electrical height adjustment for kitchen upper wall cabinets. You can mount the system on all standard size wall cabinets and get height adjustable cupboards that can be set to a height where seated users and users with limited mobility can reach even the top shelves in the cupboard.

As the lift system can be applied to all regular standard size kitchen wall cabinets, you can use it for new kitchens as well as when you retrofit an existing kitchen.

The system consists of a frame with a lifting unit, and when the cupboard is mounted, you get the flexibility that enables elderly and disabled people to become more self-reliant in the kitchen.

When kitchens need to be flexible

With VertiElectric the kitchen becomes flexible. The lift system provides the cabinets with a height adjustment range of 30 cm. That means that users with limited mobility can be more independent – and independence adds to the quality of life.

Even when the cabinet is set to its lowest position you will still have available room on the worktop for kitchen utensils. That is an advantage for wheelchair users as they can use the kitchen without being limited by the flexible cupboards.

There may be a need to create flexible kitchens in both private homes and sheltered accommodations, but also special schools and nursing homes use the lift system to give people the option to become as self-reliant as possible.

A lift system that fits standard size wall cupboards

All standard size regular kitchen wall cabinets can be mounted on the VertiElectric lift system which is only 5 cm deep. After the cabinet is installed, the system is not visible, and the kitchen will look like a typical kitchen. No one can see that intelligent welfare technology is hidden behind the kitchen exterior.

You can get the system frame in two different types. One fits cabinets 40-120 cm wide and the other fits cabinets 130-180 cm wide. In the latter, two frames systems are connected into one, and that way you can mount several cupboards onto the same system.

Height adjustable upper wall cabinets that are safe in usage

The height of the upper cabinets is adjusted electrically with a small control switch on the front fascia of the kitchen table or via a remote control. To minimize the risk of crushing injuries, we recommend that you mount a safety stop plate on the bottom of the cupboard. The safety stop ensures that the cupboard stops if anything gets squeezed when it is lowered. This means you can be confident that no one can get hurt when the height is adjusted.

The wall cupboards can sometimes take up some of the light. To mitigate this, you can install LED spots in the bottom safety stop plate. That will provide a solution that is safe and where the worktop is well lit.

It is paramount that a solution like the VertiElectric complies to the requirements of assistive devices. That is the reason the lift system is certified according to DS/EN 12182:2012 which is the standard for assistive aids for people with mobility disabilities. That is your guarantee that the system is both reliable, durable and in good quality.

VertiElectric is an optimum solution in kitchens for people with limited functional capacity. The lift system makes it possible to make an ordinary kitchen flexible enough to be accessible for all kinds of users.

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