Washbasin that can slide sideways and with hand grabs on the front for optimum safety.


Reliable and stable washbasin for people with limited mobility

The ergonomic SupportLine washbasin is especially suitable for walking impaired and people with limited mobility. They can use the integrated, ergonomic grab rails as support and as help when getting up or sitting down.

If a user is having difficulties keeping their balance, they will often need support rails to lean on when moving e.g. from the toilet to the washbasin. As the washbasin can slide sideways, the user can use the integrated handrails as support grabs when walking to the toilet.

A wheelchair user will also find the handrails useful. For example when they need a handrail to hold on to when turning the wheelchair or to pull themselves closer to the washbasin.

The SupportLine washbasin is designed with the needs of elderly and disabled in mind. You can be certain that there is sufficient legroom under the washbasin.

To it simpler for persons with dementia to see and recognise grabs and washbasin, they can be marked with contrasting colours (options). This way, the grabs and washbasin are easier to locate for the user.

The fixture’s scald protection ensures that it always has a comfortable temperature on the outside. It prevents persons with dementia from touching the fixture when it feels either very warm or cold, which can be uncomfortable when you are sensitive to sensory stimuli.

A washbasin you can slide sideways and adjust in height

The washbasin’s ability to slide sideways is perhaps the biggest advantage of the SupportLine washbasin. This feature makes such a difference for both the user and the carers.

Many users will become more self-reliant once they have the needed assistive aids. The support rails are one of the most important aids in a bathroom. As the washbasin have integrated rails and because the washbasin can slide sideways. The handrails and washbasin can be moved sideways. As a result the user will always have the needed support at hand.

The flexibility of the washbasin makes the users feel safer. Furthermore, the carers will know that there is a reliable and stable support available for the users.

Naturally, the washbasin is available with fixed height and with height adjustment. It is possible to choose between manual or electrical height adjustment. This makes it able to suit the individual user who will be using the washbasin.

A cleaning friendly vanity wash basin for private homes, nursing homes, and hospitals

SupportLine washbasin have an ergonomic design with corners and edges that are elegantly rounded ensuring they are easy to clean.

Regardless of whether you need a washbasin in a private home, a nursing home, a care center or a hospital, SupportLine will be a high-quality solution that is characterized by reliability and flexibility.

First of all a washbasin must be easy to use, but it should also serve as a support for the user. We keep this in mind when we design all our washbasins: They must be user-friendly and safe.

With a washbasin like SupportLine, the user becomes more independent. There is of course also the benefit that you will get a stylish bathroom interior that is easy to clean.

A washbasin that makes people with special needs more self-reliant

SupportLine is an ergonomic washbasin you can adjust to the individual user’s needs. It is suitable for walking impaired because it can slide sideways and work as a support rail. With many support points it is possible to reduce the risk of falling injuries. The integrated hand grabs and the washbasin’s ability to slide sideways makes it safer for the user.

Users with limited mobility may need extra support in the bathroom in order to complete their personal care routines independently. With the right assistive aids, they can do more on their own. This certainly makes their everyday life easier, increases the quality of life and free up time for the carers to tend to other tasks.

A washbasin like SupportLine is designed especially for walking impaired users and seniors who need extra support in the bathroom. For users with special needs, it is critical that the assistive aids in the bathroom make the room safe to move around in. The combination of water and slippery tiles can increase the risk of falling. The solutions in the bathroom must prevent these incidents from happening and provide the users with the confidence that the bathroom is safe and reliable for them to use.

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