Vision High/Low

Vision High/Low is an electrically height adjustable table with extra long adjustment range

Vision High/Low

An elegant and handicap-friendly table with a long height adjustment range

If you need a handicap-friendly sit-stand desk, Vision High/Low is a perfect match.
Vision High/Low is a beautiful and functional table designed for disabled people. The height adjustment range is longer than on most other tables.

You can use the High/Low sit-stand desk either sitting or standing. The height is easy to set to the optimum work position with a light push on the control switch.

You can tilt the tabletop, and it can almost rise to a vertical position (71°). This can significantly reduce the distance from the user’s eyes to the tabletop. This is particularly an advantage to weak-sighted and users with mobility disabilities.

Even when the user tilts the tabletop, the magnetic MagRule will keep papers in place and make sure they do not slide down. It will also help to ensure that the user has a comfortable work position no matter if they sit or stand or if they tilt the tabletop or not.

The table’s height adjustment range ensures it fits individual needs

The table is available with height adjustment from 62-127 cm so the table can be lowered and raised 65 cm in total. In comparison, a standard desk with electric height adjustment has a range of 20-30 cm.

The long height adjustment range makes the table suitable for both standing and sitting use, and you can be reassured that the table will fit the individual’s physics for an optimum work position.
The table is made with modern welfare technology and the result is a flexible table with sufficient leg room for wheelchair users and a tiltable tabletop that shortens the distance between the user and the documents on the table.

The tilting tabletop makes it suitable for people with mobility disabilities

Vision High/Low is available with a fixed and a tiltable tabletop.

The tiltable tabletop can make a big difference in the lives of people with special needs, e.g., weak-sighted or people with limited arm movement.

When the tabletop is tilted, the user does not have to lean over the table to read or write. Instead, the tabletop can be adjusted to come closer to the user. It also raises documents on the table to a comfortable height and provides the user with a pleasant visual angle on the papers on the tabletop.

There is a built-in steel plate in the tiltable tabletop, and when using the magnetic MagRule, you can keep documents in place and keep them from sliding off the table. The MagRule also makes it easy to place documents precisely where you would like them on the tabletop.

Safety stop in the tilting tabletop

The tilting tabletop has a safety stop feature.

When furniture can tilt, you might worry if a finger or a hand get crushed. But with the safety stop you can feel safe because if anything gets stuck when the plate is tilted, the plate automatically stops the second it meets resistance. The tabletop can only be lowered or raised again when the object is removed.

A safe table that improves the everyday lives of users and helpers

The table can also be supplied with castors with brakes. This makes it easy to move the table without any strain. This feature improves the work environment of the helpers as they are relieved from unnecessary heavy lifting.

The castors’ brakes make the table stand safely and steadily, and you do not have to worry if the table slides if someone leans on it.

Arm supports gives a better work position

Some might find arm supports to be a valuable aid to get a good working position at the desk. The Vision High/Low can be supplied with arm supports that provides extra help to keep balanced and the user can use them to rest the underarms. The additional support is a great support to many users to become more independent of the help from others when working at the table.

Developed specifically for disabled people’s needs

Vision High/Low is a handicap-friendly, height adjustable table. This means that the table is also particularly suitable for wheelchair users.

Wheelchair users often have difficulties getting the wheelchair under the table because there is not enough room. The Vision High/Low is made without any crossbars, and this provides plenty of leg room for a wheelchair.

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