4Single Table Frame

A height-adjustable frame for multi-function tables

4Single Table Frame

A handicap friendly table tailormade for individual needs

The 4Single Table Frame is a frame in the finest quality where you choose the tabletop you prefer to go with it.

The 4Single Table Frame gives you the possibility to create a table exactly as you would like it and still, it accommodates the needs of people with mobility disabilities.

You can choose the frame with either manual or electrical height adjustment. This means you can use the desk both sitting and standing.

The frame can be used for a wide range of table types, like work tables, dining tables, meeting tables and much more.

A handicap friendly table you can put your mark on

4Single Table Frame is a high-quality table frame where you get to choose the tabletop.

The frame is dark gray matching most tabletop materials and interiors. As you choose the tabletop yourself, you can set your mark on the table and at the same time get a multi-function table with all the necessary features that make everyday life simpler for disabled and their carers.

You can adjust the table height to suit both seated and standing work, and it is designed without crossbars to ensure optimum accessibility for wheelchair users.

You decide the size

As standard, the frame is made 4 mm smaller than the tabletop. However, if you would like a larger or smaller overhang, please just let us know before ordering.

The frame itself can be manufactured in sizes 60-300 cm long and 60-300 cm wide. Within this range, you can get a table with the exact measurements needed for the individual user or environment, – and you will still get a table in the quality ROPOX tables are renowned for.

If for example, you need a refectory type table, perhaps ordinary tables in standard sizes are not long enough, and it can be challenging to find good quality, handicap friendly tables in large sizes.

4Single Table Frame gives you the chance to get a table according to your specific requirements – without compromising with the features and functionalities that disabled need.

A height adjustable table you can use sitting or standing

The frame is made in two height adjustment ranges: 55-85 cm and 65-95 cm. That means the table can be lowered for seated activities and raised to a comfortable level for standing work.

Furthermore, you can decide if you prefer manual or electrical height adjustment.

If the table is manually adjusted, you use a small handle to adjust the height. The handle is simple to put on and take off to lower or raise the table height.

You can also choose electrical height adjustment where the table height is adjusted by pushing a control switch on the front edge of the table. It is easy and quick to set the table to a comfortable height. Additionally, you can add a battery solution which eliminates the need for power cords.

To people with reduced functional capacity, the remote control can be an excellent assistive aid. The remote control can follow the user, so you do not have to be next to the control switch to adjust the table height.

4Single Table Frame reliable and safe to use

Naturally, you can be sure safety is in order when choosing a 4Single Table Frame.

It is manufactured in accordance with the applicable standards and is tested with regards to reliability and safety.

When choosing a table with electrical height adjustment, you also get a built-in safety stop. This means the table is brought to an immediate halt if something gets in the way when the table is lowered or raised.
The frame has an elegant and timeless look that goes well in kitchens, dining rooms, schools, meeting rooms, activity rooms, and many other places. Because of the flexibility in height, and because there is an option to mount brake wheels on the frame for easy moving of the table, it is suitable for a wide range of activities.

4Single Table Frame is ideal for multi-function tables for all people regardless of their degree of mobility, and it will be the natural social gathering point.

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