4Single Complete

Disability friendly and height adjustable multi-function table

4Single Complete

A height-adjustable multifunction table

4Single Complete is a height adjustable and disability friendly multi-function table for both seated and standing use.

The table has a classy and elegant look with the gray tabletop and frame that matches modern homes, workplaces and care centers.

The 4Single Complete is a table of high quality you can use for dining, meetings, work and much more.

It is available with both manual and electrical height adjustment. If you choose the electrical height adjustment, you can add a battery solution to avoid power cables.

4Single Complete is very flexible and can be used for many different purposes. You can choose between two heights, two table sizes and it is also made by measure if required.

Flexible multi-function table for many purposes

4Single Complete is a classy multi-function table you can use for a wide range of purposes. Due to its flexibility, you can use it for dining, working, meetings and a lot of other activities. It is made in a modern and elegant design matching the interiors of today and in future.

The table is available in standard sizes, but if you need a table that is wider, shorter or deeper, you can have a 4Single Complete table custom-made to your requirements.

Available in two heights and with manual or electrical height adjustment

The table is available in two heights: 57,5 – 87,5 cm and 67,5 – 97,5 cm. You can also choose if you prefer manual or electrical height adjustment.

If you prefer manual height adjustment, you lower and raise the table using a small handle that is easily mounted on the height adjustment mechanism.

If you choose the electrical height adjustment, you adjust the height with a light push on a control switch that is located on the front edge of the table. You can also get a remote control allowing you to adjust the table height regardless of whether you are close to the control switch or not.

There is also a battery solution for tables with electrical height adjustment to avoid having cords on the floor. This way you can adjust the table height and move the table freely without being limited by the length of the power cables or cords being in the way.

The electrical height adjustment also has a built-in safety stop. This means, that if the table meets resistance while raised or lowered, it will stop immediately. You can only adjust the height once the table no longer registers any resistance. This provides both the user and the surroundings with the safety that crushing injuries are prevented.

Two standard sizes and possibility for custom-made sizes

The table is available in two standard sizes:

165 x 200 cm

200 x 100 cm

If the standard sizes do not meet your requirements, it can also be made by measure. This way you can tailor-make your table exactly to the interior in which it will be used.

As standard, the table is supplied with a gray frame and a gray laminate worktop with black edges. Just as the table is available according to your preference, you also have the option to choose another tabletop.

Movable or fixed?

The table comes with a standard frame but if you need a flexible table that is movable, you can add brake wheels to the table.

Brake wheels increase the table height a little, but it also gives you the freedom to move the table as desired. When the wheels are braked, the table stands firmly and safely again.

Others may need that the table is fixed to the ground. In those cases, you can choose floor fittings that will fix the table to the floor. This way you can be confident that the table stays in place and that it cannot be moved around.

A table that makes everyday life easier for people with mobility disabilities

4Single Complete is a handicap friendly table with flexible height adjustment which is also available with castors if desired.

It is also a table of the finest quality. This is seen in the choice of materials, the finish and the welfare technology that makes everyday life more comfortable for the users and improves the work environment for the carers.

No matter if you need a table for a kitchen-dining area, a living room, a hall, a care center or somewhere else, 4Single Complete is a stylish, functional and handicap friendly solution.

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