A manual lift system that makes kitchen worktops height adjustable and disability friendly


Disability friendly kitchen worktops with manual lift system

FlexiManual is a lift system for kitchen worktops that makes the worktop height adjustable. With the lift system, you can adjust the table height from 65-95 cm. This means that both standing and seated users can use the worktop.

As the worktop is height adjustable and since there is plenty of legroom under the worktop, wheelchair users get the needed space for their legs and wheelchair. This ensures that they get a comfortable sitting position where they can take part in the kitchen activities.

The lift system is adjusted manually with a handle. When you want to change the height, you put the handle in the transmission on the front edge of the worktop and turn it a few times until it reaches the desired height. It makes it easy to set the table to a level that fits the individual user.

FlexiManual is an ideal solution for kitchens that are used by people with limited functional capacity.

A flexible and manual lift system for kitchen worktops

It is essential to people with limited functional ability that the kitchen is flexible. That is why we have developed FlexiManual that can raise and lower the worktop. The height adjustment allows seated users to participate in cooking and doing the dishes.

The worktop floats freely, and there are no crossbars or cabinets taking up space under the table. That provides wheelchair users room to get the wheelchair under the table and into a comfortable and ergonomically correct sitting position where they do not need to lean disproportionately forward or twist the upper body sideways to use the kitchen worktop.

A handicap friendly kitchen is a kitchen where everyone can participate in the everyday chores, and where flexible solutions like FlexiManual lift system ensures that the kitchen elements are accessible and usable to all – no matter their physical capacity.

The lift system makes the table height adjustable

FlexiManual is height adjustable from 65-95 cm which gives a height range of 30 cm. This means that the table can be set to a comfortable level for both standing and seated users. The height is easily adjusted with a small handle that you mount on the front edge of the table. When the handle is on, you only need to turn it a couple of times to set the table to the height you prefer.

When the worktop is mounted on the lift system, you can use cover plates to hide the frame and keep all installations invisible under the worktop. If you would like the cover plates to match the rest of the kitchen, you can order them in a variety of colors. That way the lift system does not stand out as an add-on but will look like an integrated and elegant part of the kitchen.

Can be used for worktops in almost all sizes

There are never two kitchens that are completely the same. That is the reason you can adapt FlexiManual to fit into the kitchen where you need the lift system installed.

FlexiManual can be used for kitchen worktops that are 58-62 cm deep and 60-300 cm long. That means you can use the system for both relatively small tables or for worktops that are quite long.

The only main difference is that a smaller worktop will have fewer legs and support arms because the load will smaller compared to a larger table. A worktop that is 60-100 cm long will require a lift system with two legs and two support arms. While a worktop that is 255-300 cm long will require three legs and seven support arms. No matter the size of the table, the workshop will get the required support which provides the users with a firm and sturdy table that is durable in use.

A solution with maximum durability

Stability of the worktop is essential when you mount a lift system to make a kitchen handicap friendly. It is no good if the worktop is not firm, stable and durable. As FlexiManual is installed on the wall and as the worktop is mounted onto the horizontal support arms, the table becomes very strong and sturdy. If you have a kitchen where you need extra support, e.g., if you need to mount the system on a non-bearing wall, you can use extra support feet to obtain the stability that is required.

FlexiManual lift system is tested and approved according to the standards for assistive aids for disabled people, and they can withstand a load of up to 150 kg. This means you do not need to worry if the table stands you leaning over it.

Kitchens for people with mobility disabilities

A height adjustable kitchen worktop makes the kitchen usable for people with limited functional capacity. Especially seated users like wheelchair users are enabled to be more engaged in the kitchen chores once the worktop can be lowered to a comfortable height for them. They are plenty of legroom under the worktop and better room for getting around the kitchen in the wheelchair.

Since the manual lift system can be used for practically every kind of worktop, it is also used by both private users and professionals. It is seen in private homes and sheltered accommodation to ease everyday life for the users, and it is used in training kitchens, at special schools and nursing homes, where kitchens need to be flexible and accessible to several people.

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