A lift system for disability friendly kitchens making corner worktops height adjustable


Height adjustable corner worktops for a handicap friendly kitchen

FlexiCorner is a lift system for kitchen corner worktops. When you mount a worktop onto the lift system, the corner kitchen table can be lowered and raised in one single movement. The lift system is of course tested and approved according to the relevant standards for assistive aids for people with disability mobilities giving you peace of mind that the system is both reliable, durable and safe in use.

A corner worktop allows you to use the space on the worktop to its maximum, and the height adjustment makes the kitchen disability friendly. There are neither cabinets nor crossbars under the table that can impede access for seated users. This means that wheelchair users can get a comfortable position at the table.

FlexiCorner lift system is available with both manual and electrical height adjustment. No matter which adjustment method you choose, the worktop can be adjusted from 65-95 cm. This allow seated and standing users equal possibilities to engage in the kitchen chores.

Get the most out of the kitchen worktop

FlexiCorner lift system is an ideal solution for handicap friendly kitchens that want to make to most out of the space available because it makes corner worktops height adjustable.

A corner worktop that can be lowered and raised in one, smooth movement is particularly an advantage when there is only one user of a kitchen because it means that the kitchen table always has the height that fits the user. In kitchens where several people with different needs use the kitchen, you can mount a worktop on each side of the corner that can be adjusted separately. That way you can set one section to fit standing users and the other to suit seated users.

Manual or electrical height adjustment

FlexiCorner is available with both manual and electrical height adjustment. If you choose manual height adjustment, you set the worktop height by putting a small handle in the transmission on the front edge of the worktop and turn it a few times. The handle turns smoothly, and the worktop is quickly lowered and raised.

If you prefer electrical height adjustment, you adjust the height with a control switch that is integrated into the worktop. It only requires a light push on a button to lower or raise the table.

When you choose kitchen worktops with electrical height adjustment, we recommend that you install a safety stop because it is the best way to avoid that anyone or anything gets squeezed when the height is adjusted. A safety stop brings the table to an immediate stop if it senses any resistance when lowered or raised. It will reverse the direction leaving room to remove the object that is in the way. You can continue the height adjustment when the table does not register any resistance any longer. The safety stop gives you peace of mind that no crushing injuries can take place during height adjustment.

You can mount both small and large kitchen worktops on the FlexiCorner lift system

There is a big difference in the amount of available room in a kitchen but no matter if the kitchen is big or small, you can use FlexiCorner to make the L shaped corner worktop height adjustable. The worktop can be 80-300 on each side of the corner, and the height adjustment range from 65-95 cm is the same regardless of the worktop size.

FlexiCorner can be used for basically every kind of worktop. The only requirement is that the worktop depth is 58-62 cm which is a typical standard size.

A handicap friendly kitchen with integrated assistive aids

In a handicap friendly kitchen, the assistive aids and devices should be an integrated part of the kitchen. That way the room can keep a beautiful and elegant look and at the same time have the flexibility and functionality that modern welfare technology provides.

When FlexiCorner is installed, you can use cover plates to hide installations and the legs of the lift system. If for example the lift system is mounted onto a white wall, you can choose white cover plates. That will keep the frame tucked away and leave the kitchen with a nice, clean look. At the same time, the cover plates also make it easy to clean under the kitchen worktop as it has a nice, smooth surface without any dirt traps. The cover plates can be supplied in many colors if you need it to match the rest of the kitchen decor.

FlexiCorner lift system makes kitchen chores easier

When the kitchen worktop is height adjustable, it becomes easier for people with mobility disabilities to participate in cooking and other kitchen chores. FlexiCorner can do exactly that, and at the same time you can get the most out of the space on the worktop, and you get a more flexible and accessible kitchen.

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