Combined mirror and washbasin in a slim, elegant and disability friendly solution


The ideal washbasin for both seated and standing users with special needs

SlimLine is a disability friendly, elegant and height adjustable washbasin.

The SlimLine combines mirror and washbasin in one unit, and the mirror is therefore always at the right height no matter if you are sitting in a wheelchair or standing up. You adjust the height from 70-100 cm with a light push on the control switch which is always within easy reach as it is located right under the mirror.

The design have rounded corners that help minimize bacterial growth so you can maintain a high level of hygiene.

The washbasin is specially adapted to the special needs of people with disabilities. If a user’s needs change over time, it is easy to replace the washbasin with another model.

SlimLine is a very elegant and stylish washbasin solution where the mirror and washbasin are combined in one unit. The unit is slim and discrete but meets all of the requirements that people with limited mobility – and their carers – have for a modern washbasin.

The simple look combined with modern welfare technology result in a washbasin solution that is flexible, accessible and easy to use for both user and helper.

Since SlimLine is height adjustable and combines washbasin and mirror in one solution. The mirror is always at the right height no matter if the washbasin is used in a standing or seated position.

The washbasin which is good to lean on

Different environments demand different solutions. For example, if you are looking for a quality washbasin for private homes, you may find the Support model to meet your needs. And if you are looking for a solution that will work in other environments, then it is also possible to install other types of washbasins.

Support washbasin

The Support model is also made in composite material, but the difference lies in the design. The Standard model is a normal type washbasin and the Support model has integrated handrails. This gives users with mobility difficulties extra support and safety because the handrails are a reliable help to keep balanced. Users with reduced mobility also use the hand grabs to get up to a standing position or as support grab when sitting down. The handrails also serve as an aid for wheelchair users as they use them to pull themselves closer to the washbasin.

The Support model has free access from the front and sides making it comfortable and easy to use for wheelchair users. As there is no cabinet under the washbasin, the wheelchair users can bring themselves close to the washbasin and within comfortable reach of the tap.

The washbasin is 60 cm wide and without overflow.

Electrical height adjustment

All SlimLine washbasin models are electrically height adjustable from 70-100 cm which means the height adjustment range is 30 cm. This makes the washbasin suitable for both standing users and for users who need to sit while using the basin.

Reliable and durable washbasin for people with mobility disabilities

The SlimLine washbasins all comply with the relevant standards for assistive aids. This also means that they are tested for a maximum user weight 200 kg (depending on model). This is your guarantee that the washbasins are durable and reliable in use.

SlimLine washbasin is available with electric height adjustment from 70-100 cm. This means that the washbasin can be adjusted in height in an interval of 30 cm, making it suitable for both sitting and standing use. The control panel for the raising / lowering mechanism is elegantly located just below the mirror, so it is within the reach of the user and the helper.

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