Maddison, a six-year-old student at Loxdale Primary School in Birmingham, faced challenges participating in class due to her Assymetric Diplegic Cerebral Palsy.

Her mobility limitations made it difficult to engage in activities like reading, writing, and colouring, impacting her educational experience and posture. Standard tables didn’t accommodate her needs, hindering her independence and comfort in the classroom.

“Maddison always enjoyed getting involved in class activities, but it was not always possible with a standard flat table.” – Wendy Sheldon, Maddison’s one to one teaching assistant


The school recognized the need to provide inclusive solutions for individuals like Maddison. They decided to purchase a Ropox Vision Table, a versatile workspace tailored to meet the diverse needs of users regardless of age, height, or mobility level.

The table’s design offers adjustability, incorporating features like manual or electric height adjustments and a tilt of up to 74˚ for easy access to materials.

“The wide design means there is enough room for Maddison’s pens, so that she can reach them herself, which is great for her independence.” – Wendy Sheldon, Maddison’s one to one teaching assistant


The Vision Table completely changed Maddison’s classroom experience. Its wide design allows her to comfortably use her wheelchair while providing ample space for her and her teaching assistant.

Magnetic strips ensure papers stay in place, addressing Maddison’s frustration with movement during tasks. Additionally, removable arm supports, and adjustable features promote optimal comfort and posture, enhancing Maddison’s independence and engagement in class activities.

“The magnetic strips which hold the paper in place, may sound like a simple idea. But for Maddison and myself they are brilliant.” – Wendy Sheldon, Maddison’s one to one teaching assistant


Thanks to the Vision Table, Maddison now participates fully in classroom activities, supported by her teaching assistant and the innovative features of the table.

Physiotherapists and school staff have praised its impact on Maddison’s comfort, posture, and independence. Simon Brooke, the school’s Business Manager, lauded the table’s role in enabling equal participation for all students, regardless of mobility limitations.

At Ropox we are very pleased to see, that our commitment to inclusivity and innovation has significantly improved Maddison’s educational experience and highlighted the transformative power of accessible design.

“The equipment is great and enable children with reduced mobility to take part in the same classroom activities as the other children. That’s worth its weight in gold.” – Simon Brooke, Business Manager at Loxdale Primary School

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