When life, as you know it, changes in a split second – both for the victim and the relatives. Jan and his wife Jonna know all about it.

The challenge
Jan Dalsholm’s life took an unexpected turn when he fell off a ladder at work. He broke his neck and was paralysed from the neck down. Jan can regain 75% of his mobility, but it requires dedicated and daily rehabilitation. Some of the training takes place at a rehabilitation hospital,
and the rest is done at home. At the rehabilitation hospital, Jan gets help from professional physiotherapists and occupational therapists, but it is his wife Jonna who helps Jan at home. Therefore, Jonna not only has to be aware of the daily training programme, but they also need the right assistive aids at their disposal.

””It’s amazing how much Jan can do by the Vision table.” says Jonna, wife of Jan

The strategy
Jan has used a ROPOX Vision table at the rehabilitation hospital. Both Jan and Jonna could see that the table’s features made a big difference in Jan’s rehabilitation and that he made great advancements when he was training by the table. Jan and Jonna soon knew that they needed a table at home which was designed for users with limited mobility if they were to reach the target with Jan’s rehabilitation: Being able to get around with a walker and become self-reliant.

””Because Jan can get close to the table, he can reach things and train fine motor skills.” says Jonna, wife of Jan

The solution
Jan and Jonna chose to invest in a ROPOX Vision table to give Jan the optimum conditions for his rehabilitation programme. The Vision table not only has the advantage that is custom-made for people with functional impairments, but it is also a simple and stylish table that fits
into private homes. For Jan, the Vision table is perfect because it can be adjusted in height and because the tabletop can be raised to an angle where he can read and turn the pages. The arm supports provide good support for the body, and he can get a comfortable sitting position because he can get close to the table.

The result
Today, Jan and Jonna use the Vision table every single day; both for fine motor skills training, reading and eating. The result is that Jan rapidly regains more motor abilities and that he can become self-reliant and get around with a walker. As Jan and Jonna invested in the Vision table themselves, it was important to them that they got professional guidance. In this case, they used ROPOX’s experienced staff for advice and information. Jan has achieved impressive results due to the combination of the programme at the rehabilitation hospital, the training at home and Jan and Jonna’s positive attitude and dedicated efforts.

”It’s solid and stylish, and it works. It’s worth every penny.” says Jonna, wife of Jan

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