A shower seat makes bathing safe for people with limited functional capacity

A bath can entail specific challenges for elderly and disabled people. The floor may be slippery, and it can be physically demanding. Those things can make bathing uncomfortable and assistive devices that make the bath feel safer is needed. If you have a mobility disability, you need robust solutions that can work as firm and sturdy supports in the bathroom. In the shower, a shower seat can provide precisely that. It is developed to provide people with limited mobility a possibility to shower while sitting on the soft shower seat.

If you need additional support, you can also add arm supports and a backrest. They help the user keep balanced, furthermo the arm supports will be a welcomed help when rising or sitting down.


A flexible and durable aid for the bathroom

A shower seat is a flexible and stable aid for users who need to shower sitting down, and it can be used in all kinds of bathrooms. It is possible to fold the seat up to a vertical position which makes it possible to use the seat even in bathrooms with limited space. If you have mounted arm supports, these can also be folded up to free up space.

It is possible to get the shower seat with height adjustment. The height is easily adjusted on the button that is located on the wall above the seat, and you can adjust the height up to 12,5 cm.

Like our other products, the shower seat is naturally tested and approved according to the relevant standards. Therefore the shower seat complies with DS/EN 17966:2016 which is the standard for assistive products for personal hygiene. This means that the seat is tested up to 500 kg, but the maximum user weight is 200 kg for models with a support leg and 150 kg for models without legs.

With the right assistive aids in the bathroom, the users become more self-reliant, and they also get the freedom to extend their independence. In the end, it means greater satisfaction with everyday life and improved quality of life.


A safe and secure bathroom with reduced risk of falling injuries

When the bathroom is furnished with the right aids, like a shower seat, it also reduces the risk of falling injuries.

Besides the fact that the shower seat is a sturdy support in the bath, it also has a non-slip seat with soft PUR padding. PUR is a durable and insulating material that does not feel cold on the skin, but has a soft and comfortable surface. The seat has a grabbing edge allowing the user a firm grip when getting up and prevents the hand from slipping over the seat edge.

The shower seat is a functional and ergonomic aid for elderly and disabled people who need extra support in the bathroom. The large, soft seat makes it comfortable to sit on, and it makes bathing safe when the user can sit in comfortable and supported position. The seat is a simple aid, but it can help people with mobility disabilities become more independent – and contribute positively to their quality of life.


Item no.: 40-43016

HMI no.: 86328

Shower seat without legs

Size 47x55 cm

shower seat without legs

Item no.: 40-43011

HMI no.: 71747

Shower seat with leg

Foldable seat and leg incl adjustment screws
Size 47x55 cm

shower seat with legs

Item no.: 40-43025

Back Rest with Arm Support

Arm Supports are foldable independent of each other
Size of armsupport 54 cm

Backrest with armrests

Item no.: 40-43030

Back rest



Item no.: 40-43043

Height adjustable unit for shower seat

Height adjustment 12,5 cm.

For shower seat and back



Ropox Shower Seat

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Ropox product in function


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Technical data

Shower seat technical data

Manufactured in accordance with the following standard: DS/ISO 17966:2016

Material: Flexible pur foam. Aluminum. Stainless stand. Plastic.

According to DS/ISO 17966:2016 – max. user weight shower seat:
Shower seat without leg item no. 40-43016 = 150 kg
Shower seat with leg item no. 40-43011 = 200 kg
Height adjustabel unit item no. 40-43043 = 165 kg