A lift system that makes kitchen upper wall cabinets height adjustable and disability friendly


Height adjustable upper wall cabinets for disability friendly kitchens

Diagonal is a special lift system that makes kitchen upper cabinets height adjustable and disability friendly. The lift system has a unique feature as it not only can lower the cabinet to a height which is accessible to seated users, but it can also move the cabinet forward from the wall moving it closer to the user. This way the Diagonal lift system makes the content of the upper wall cabinets available to all.

The cabinets are mounted on the Diagonal lift system which adjusts the height electrically via a small control switch. The height adjustment range is 43 cm in height and 18 cm horizontally. The diagonal stroke (downwards and towards the user) makes a big difference particularly for seated users as the cabinet contents become within easy reach.

Diagonal is a lift system that is developed for people with limited physical mobility, and it provides elderly and disabled people with the flexibility and freedom to use the kitchen on equal terms with everyone else.

A special lift system that makes wall cabinets accessible to everyone

Diagonal lift system for wall cabinets is developed to make kitchens handicap friendly. The lift system uses modern welfare technology to ensure that everyone has easy access to the kitchen cabinets – regardless of the degree of physical mobility.

The special lift system moves the cabinet diagonally, and this means that the cupboards can be lowered in height and moved forward from the wall and come closer to the user. That way wheelchair users and other seated users can reach even the top shelves in the cupboards.

When mounting the kitchen cupboards on the lift system, you can move the cabinets down and forward in one, smooth movement ensuring optimum comfort for the users of the kitchen.

Freedom and flexibility in the kitchen

For people with mobility disabilities, it can be challenging to use a kitchen unless it has integrated and intelligent solutions that make the different parts of the room accessible to them. The Diagonal lift system for upper wall cupboards provide users with a solution that makes the kitchen flexible and accessible – and keeping the kitchen look modern and elegant. The diagonal movement of the lift system makes it suited for both private homes, senior housing, special schools, nursing homes and institutions.

The lift system makes it possible for the elderly and disabled to participate and independently solve tasks in the kitchen. Their flexibility also allows both carers and users to work in the kitchen at the same time while socializing and doing kitchen tasks.

Handicap friendly and height adjustable upper wall cabinets

With the lift system kitchen cabinets can move 43 cm up and down and 18 cm horizontally from the wall towards the user. It is adjusted electrically using a small control switch which can be integrated into the kitchen table.

The cupboards are mounted on the lift system frame which is only 11,5 cm deep. When the cabinets are mounted, the lift system is not visible, and the kitchen looks like a completely normal kitchen. But hidden behind the elegant surface lies intelligent solutions making seniors and handicapped more self-reliant in their daily lives.

You can mount cabinets 55-68 cm or 70-92 cm in height and 40-180 cm wide. To avoid that the user has to move back to open the cabinet doors, we recommend that cupboards wider then 60 cm has double doors.

The possibility to choose different cabinet heights and widths allows you to adjust the cupboards to the individual kitchen and user’s needs.

Modern welfare technology makes daily life safe

As the cabinets can run up and down, there is also a risk that something might get crushed. To prevent this, you can mount a safety stop plate. When the plate meets resistance, it will automatically stop and relieve the pressure a little allowing you to remove the object that has gotten in the way. That way you can be quite sure that no-one will get hurt when adjusting the cabinet height.

Naturally, the Diagonal lift system meets – or exceeds – the relevant standards for assistive devices for people with disability. That guarantees that safety and reliability are top notch.

A high-quality solution ensures satisfaction in the long term

As all other ROPOX products, the Diagonal lift system for kitchen upper wall cabinets is made of high-quality materials with a nice finish because we know that it is more satisfying to get a solution that keeps looking good in the long run.

But a solution should not only look good as the Diagonal cabinets; it has to stand the test of time. That is the reason we never compromise when it comes to our products’ functionality. That way you can be sure that a solution from ROPOX will last for years – both regarding design and functionality.

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