A functional and robust washbasin for people with mobility disabilities


Practical washbasins for people with reduced mobility

The StandardLine washbasins are height adjustable and high-quality products designed for environments and users with special needs or requirements.

The washbasins are characterized by their reliability, durability, and user-friendliness. The unit design hides the plumbing and this gives the washbasin a discrete, elegant and modern look.

The StandardLine unit can be combined with one of three washbasins:
Standard washbasin with a simple and stylish design
Support washbasin increases security and accessibility
Hospital washbasin in porcelain with curved front

Both users and carers find the StandardLine to be a solution that meet their needs, and the washbasins are used in both private homes, care centers, nursing homes, and hospitals.

A durable and height adjustable washbasin designed for people with special needs

StandardLine is an excellent choice if you are looking for a functional, high-quality washbasin that is suitable for both private homes, care centers, nursing homes, and hospitals.

The washbasins are available in three different models. This allows you to find the model that best meet your requirements regardless if you need a basic washbasin, or if you need a washbasin with integrated handrails to increase support and safety or the model designed for usage in hospital environments.

Electrical height adjustment

The height is adjusted electrically, and you can decide if the control switch should be placed on the right or left side of the washbasin. That is one of the small details that can make the basin fit your individual needs in the best possible way.

You can also get a remote control or a hand control to adjust the height. The remote control is a wireless device with a range of 1,5-2 meters.

The hand control is connected to the washbasin with a spiral cable and comes with a hook for safe keeping.

Three different washbasin models

You will find three different washbasin models in the StandardLine range. The models are all 65.6 cm wide, but the design of the three washbasins are very different. This gives you the possibility to find the type of washbasin that is most suitable for the users and the environment where it is to be used and located.

Standard washbasin

A simple and stylish washbasin for users without any special needs.

This is simple, practical and very user friendly washbasin made in a composite material which is easy to clean.

The washbasin is 54,3 cm and with overflow.

Support washbasin

Elegant washbasin in a composite material with integrated handles and a design that gives the users free access, e.g., wheelchair users can get close the washbasin and reach the tap without problems.

The model has integrated handrails that increase safety for users with limited physical capacity because they can use them to keep balanced or as handles when getting up or sitting down. The hand grabs are also convenient for wheelchair users who use them to pull themselves towards the washbasin or as a handle when turning the wheelchair.

The washbasin is 71 cm and without overflow.

Hospital washbasin

A porcelain washbasin with an inwardly curved front for hospitals. This model also provides wheelchair users easy access. The curved front allows both seated and standing users to get close to the sink which makes it much easier to use for people with limited reach and mobility.

The washbasin is 66,9 cm wide and without overflow.

No matter which model you choose, you can be sure to get a washbasin that will last for years and is easy to clean as well.

An elegant unit with flexibility

The StandardLine can be supplied as a unit only – without washbasin and plumbing kit. The unit is designed to be compatible with almost all types of standard bolt-mounted washbasins.

The unit also elegantly hides the plumbing kit when mounted leaving the washbasin with an elegant and clean look. Naturally, it is designed with smooth surfaces free from dirt traps and with rounded edges and corners to keep cleaning easy.

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