What our customers say about us

What our customers say about us

“The Toilet Lifter makes transfer to the toilet easy for standing users – by helping to lower and lift, and for sliding transfers – by setting the correct height.It also gives a better working environment for our carers with less need for help during transfers.

Karin Pia Stigfeldt Teamleading Head Nurse, Naestved Council, Denmark

“Arm supports designed with a height adjustment in front of the arm support. This smart design helps the user to get up. “

“Ropox’ products are deemed to be cheaper than previously discussed solutions.”

“Ropox’ swing washbasin provides the staff with the needed flexibility in proportion to use and working procedures.”

“The washbasin is mounted with brackets on the wall. The bracket is covered by a cover, and the brackets do not reach the floor, which is a great advantage when it comes to cleaning.”

The architects Johansen and Rasmussen, Sønderskovhus assisted living facilities in Lystrup

“In Ropox’ bathrooms, the user experiences a high degree of self-sufficiency.”

“The staff can help the user from both sides of the toilet.”

“It is an advantage for the staff that the toilet supports have no legs.”

“Flexible opportunities to meet the users’ needs, such as moveable washbasin and mixer taps.”

“The staff experiences that the users become more self-sufficient when there are handles in the bathroom to take hold of.”

“The swing washbasin is a very flexible solution because the user can sit on the toilet and use the washbasin at the same time. This is a great advantage for users who get tired very fast. They can remain sitting, and thus the lifting and moving activities are reduced.”

“Easier access to the washbasin (Swing washbasin).”

Practical experiences from the Rehabilitation Centre Indre By Østerbro

“The washbasin from Ropox can swing 180 degrees. Thus, you can optimize the space by pushing the washbasin aside and place it in the wanted position when it is used. The shape of the washbasin makes it possible for the user and the staff to use it from several sides. Moreover, the washbasin can be raised and lowered so that it adapts to the individual user.”

“The employees think it is an advantage that the washbasin can be adapted to the individual user. The washbasin can easily be moved by the user and the staff, and the staff uses the functions of the washbasin when helping the users/citizens (swing washbasin).”

“12 out of 13 employees experience that it is easier to move around in the bathroom after the swing washbasin was mounted (swing washbasin).”

“4 out of 5 employees experience that their working positions have improved after the new washbasin was mounted (swing washbasin).”

“The employees experience that the users have become more self-sufficient by using the functions of the washbasin (swing washbasin).”

“4 out of 5 employees experience that they spend less time on care when using the swing washbasin.”

“The washbasin provides more space, and it is easier to move around after the washbasin was mounted. It has improved the physical working environment. There is more space for lifting and moving, fewer extreme positions, less work at the floor and less twisting of the body (swing washbasin).”

“The residents are very pleased with the swing washbasin. They can reach their things in the bathroom, and there is more space for bathing/showering.”

“The resident becomes more self-sufficient in the bathroom and is thus able to do more things on his/her own, such as toothbrushing, shaving etc., which maintains the functional level.”

“On the basis of the analysis, it is concluded that the mounting of the new washbasin has had a positive impact on the physical working environment, and that cognitively well-functioning users can become more self-sufficient/maintain their functional abilities by using the washbasin (swing washbasin).”

Testing at the care homes Overlundsgården Kildedalscenteret and Klosterhaven