The future residential home raises standards for building activities of residential homes in Denmark

Lots of delightful activity areas have the effect that residents get out of their apartments as new welfare technologies create great safety/security for residents and considerably improve the working environment for employees. The lovely surroundings that have been constructed on the border of Limfjorden with view over Aalborg’s skyline on opposite side.

The building includes 75 nursing apartments which are 2 room flats of approx 79 m2 and a few of approx 89m2 for married couples.

The future residential home has Ropox bathroom solutions in several apartments. The swing washbasin, that enters into the drafts, contribute and strengthens the desire of residents being more self-reliant, them having optimal safety plus improving working environment for staff. Read more about our bathroom concepts here.

Ropox has also delivered a kitchen working table which can be height adjusted as required for both standing and sitting work

Photo gallery from the place