Sydbo in Stenstrup is a Day and activity Centre for people with a considerably functional disability. Sydbo consists of 24 new apartments divided into 3 shared living and a day care Centres for outside visiting users.

The 24 new apartments were made with focus on individual needs required by the residents and with the aim to obtain more privacy, increased independence and improved quality of life thus offering safety and additional support.

Welfare technological solutions
The apartments include various creative welfare technological solutions with the aim of obtaining as most individual influence and independence as possible for the residents.

Bathroom requirements
Functional bathrooms created with the aim for obtaining optimal working conditions for the residential users and the staff and to fulfilling all the individual daily life requirements for bathroom situations.

The solution
When you choose the Ropox Swing washbasin you get a flexible and ergonomic solution. The shape of the washbasin allows you to swing the washbasin and ensures that both the seated and the standing user can operate the sink from several sides. The Washbasin gives a lot of advantages.

The effect
With the Ropox Swing washbasin solution you obtain improved flexibility and gain more space and by using the height adjustment function you avoid unsuitable working positions and both user and staff benefit from independent autonomy

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