There was not only a focus on welfare and care. The aim was also to benefit from the latest technological advancements that are offered. There were high demands for the working environment and strive to support the residents as self-reliant as possible.


The challenge
Skovgården care and rehabilitation centre lies in the beautiful, hilly landscape of Humlebæk and offers 30 assisted living facilities and 40 housing units for rehabilitation. The centre was finished in 2020 and serves as a home for the municipality’s residents, who need support, care and familiarity.

Skovgården not only focuses on welfare and care. It also aims to benefit from technological advancements. Furthermore, they have high demands for the working environment and strive to support their residents in becoming as self-reliant as possible.

Therefore, safety and technology must go hand in hand – without compromising on quality, design or user-friendliness – in the living facilities’ kitchens and bathrooms.

”Focus on welfare, care and technology”

The strategy
To create a care and rehabilitation centre with the optimum settings for both users and care workers, the living facilities are designed with an eye for safety, user-friendliness and flexibility. It requires both meticulous use of space and careful selection of products when the housing both has to make the residents more self-reliant and at the same time provide for a healthy working environment in situations where a care worker is needed.

Under the construction of Skovgården, Ropox assisted with guidance on the furnishing of kitchens and bathrooms for users with limited capacity. As the centre is home to both elderly and people in rehabilitation, flexibility is key, because flexible solutions allow you to modify the furnishing to the individual user’s needs and provide exactly the support, which is required.

”The residents get the right aids, and the care workers get the optimum working environment”

The solution
In the finished living facilities, Skovgården uses Ropox solutions in bathrooms and kitchens. Ropox was responsible for the entire furnishing in the bathrooms, including Ropox SwingLine washbasin, toilet lifter with toilet support arms, a bidet solution, shower seat and grab rails. Altogether, they provide the residents with the necessary support to become more self-reliant and give them a feeling of security and safety in the bathroom.

The kitchens are also designed in a way that enables all the centre’s residents to use them – regardless of their degree of mobility. They are fitted with, amongst others, height-adjustable tabletops without base units and 4Single table frames which, naturally, are height-adjustable too.

The result is living facilities with simplicity, clarity and safety. The users get flexible, ergonomic and user-friendly rooms with the required aids for a more independent everyday life. At the same time, the care workers can enjoy a good and healthy working environment, where they avoid heavy lifting during the workday.


”Living facilities with simplicity, clarity and safety”


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