A prefabricated bathroom Concept that meets the developer’s desire for homeliness and innovation.


The challenge
When Gentofte Municipality began the construction of Jægersborghave Care Home, there was one thing that set the project apart: The bathrooms should be manufactured as prefabricated sanitary pods with the entire bathroom concept installed. The finished pods should be delivered on site ready for installation.
There was also a specific requirement that the bathroom solutions should be height-adjustable to ensure that different users could use each bathroom. Height-adjustable solutions help the residents to become more self-reliant, and the result is that they need less help. The financial outcome is a reduction in operating costs on the bottom line.

”Prefabricatedbathroom  pods delivered fully finished on site.”

The strategy
The developer, Gentofte Municipality, wanted new assisted living facilities with homeliness and innovation. ROPOX offered a bathroom concept with products that met those requirements. The concept includes a height-adjustable washbasin, a toilet lifter, grab rails and cabinets.
As the bathrooms were manufactured as prefabricated units, it involved close contact with Ready Bathroom, the Polish supplier of the bathroom pods. As ROPOX has extensive experience with both international and domestic projects, the cooperation went smoothly, and the bathrooms were delivered as agreed. After delivery, the bathroom pods were lifted into place by a crane, and the installation of electricity and water could be carried out.

”Focus on homeliness and innovation.”

The solution
By choosing prefabricated bathroom pods, the developer has achieved time savings in the construction phase. Furthermore, they got 75 finished bathrooms that not only comply with the strictest standards and requirements but also meet the developer’s needs and specifications. The result is that the residents of Jægersborghave Care Home can look forward to living facilities with a homely atmosphere and modern aids that increase their independence.
The bathrooms come with a height-adjustable ROPOX Support Washbasin with integrated grabs on the front edge. There is also a ROPOX Toilet Lifter that makes the user more self-reliant when using the toilet and minimises the need for help. Furthermore, the bathroom has grab bars on the walls for extra support making it safer for the user to take care of themselves without assistance from a carer. There is also a practical cabinet with soft-close providing plenty of storage space in the room.
All in all, the bathroom concept fully meets the needs for manufacturing of prefabricated bathroom pods, and it also meets the developer’s desire for homeliness and innovation.


”Using prefabricated bathroom pods saved time in the construction phase.”


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