Beekse Bergen Safari park


Families with severely disabled members often face significant barriers to enjoying simple pleasures like a day out. In the Netherlands, as in most other countries, traditional accessible toilets often fall short of meeting the needs of all individuals. This shortfall makes public outings challenging for these families, highlighting a significant gap in inclusivity.

“Not everyone can just leave the house to go out” – Henk-Willem Laan, Handicapped Child Foundation


In response to this gap, the Handicapped Child Foundation and Joint Projects committed themself to introduce the first Changing Places Toilet in the Netherlands – a facility that exceeds the standards of regular accessible toilets by providing adequate space and necessary equipment for individuals with disabilities, who needs to be changed lying down.

When learning of this initiative, the Dutch Safaripark Beekse Bergen immediately embraced the concept and initiated the project. Further propelled by a generous €2 million donation from the VriendenLoterij, this initiative now aims to extend these toilets to 30 cultural prime locations nationwide.

“When we heard about the Changing Places Toilet, we immediately went for it” – Rens Willemsen, Beekse Bergen


Working alongside our Dutch retailer, TR-Care, we became part of this highly honourable project. The Changing Places Toilet at Beekse Bergen is designed to serve both children and adults with severe disabilities, featuring specialised equipment such as our wall-mounted electrically hight adjustable changing table. The project not only addresses the immediate need for better toilet facilities but also set a new standard for inclusivity in public spaces.

“A fun day out should be possible for everyone.” – Henk den Braber, TR-Care


The launch of the Changing Places Toilet on 27 March 2024 in Safaripark Beekse Bergen is a significant milestone towards more accessible and inclusive public toilets in the Netherlands. Families who previously faced the obstacles in planning simple outings now have the freedom and security to enjoy time together without worry.

In the coming years, the success of this initiative will spark a nationwide movement to establish similar facilities, ensuring that individuals with disabilities and their families can create lasting memories together, free from the limitations of inadequate public facilities.

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