At age 16, Nadir suffered a spinal cord injury and is permanently disabled. Ever since the injury, Nadir has not been able to use an ordinary kitchen, but now he has a custom-made kitchen with ROPOX solutions that allows him to rediscover the joy of cooking.

Before Nadir moved into his new home, he worked closely with the architect in the design and build process to ensure that the new kitchen met his needs. As Nadir is unable to use an ordinary kitchen, the new kitchen needed to be accessible to him. The primary objective was to create a kitchen where Nadir could cook independently.

Creating a fully accessible kitchen

Nadir uses a powered wheelchair, and the kitchen is designed with enough space to manoeuver it around in the room. It also has a height-adjustable worktop and a wall cupboard system from ROPOX. All kitchen solutions are made for people with functional impairments in mind ensuring full accessibility for Nadir.

As Nadir says: “My new home is just amazing, and the kitchen from Ropox is literally the icing on the cake! In my previous house, my mum, dad or carers had to do all my cooking for me, and I was determined to do this myself in my new home”.


A height-adjustable worktop

In the corner worktop, an induction hob is included as well as a preparation area and a sink. To allow room for the wheelchair under the table, there are no base units.

One of the main advantages of the worktop is that Nadir can adjust the table height to a suitable level. When Nadir has set the height to the preferred level, he can prepare meals from his wheelchair. If he has visitors, they can raise it to a height that suits standing use.


The wall cupboards move downwards

Above the worktop, a diagonal wall unit system is mounted. The cupboards can be moved down, so the cupboard contents are within Nadir’s reach. Nadir says: “I can actually use the wall cupboards in my new kitchen as I know I can access them easily and the controls for both are so user-friendly and easy to operate.”

To provide extra storage space, a mobile drawer is also part of the kitchen furnishing. The mobile drawer gives Nadir extra storage space and an extra area for putting things aside.


The new kitchen boosted Nadir’s confidence

The new, accessible kitchen has enabled Nadir to become independent. He no longer depends on family or carers to help him prepare a meal. This has had a positive influence on his self-esteem. “Being able to cook for myself has helped with my general confidence as I no longer have to rely on other people when I am hungry.” 

Caroline Wright from South Coast Occupational Therapy Limited was involved in creating Nadir’s new kitchen, and she has witnessed the positive impact it has had on Nadir. She says: “The height-adjustable design of the worktop with hob and sink has enabled both Nadir and his support worker to use the kitchen while the wall cupboard has been a real revelation for Nadir, as he can now access items stored in cupboards above his head, a task which would have been impossible without the use of such an item. I will definitely be recommending Ropox to my clients, and look forward to working with them again.’

At ROPOX, we aim to help people with limited mobility live an independent life. Seeing how Nadir’s new kitchen has affected his life so positively is indeed rewarding.

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