MK Gallery in Milton Keynes is an art gallery and a venue for world-class exhibitions and events together with pioneering learning and community programmes. In 2016, they began a redevelopment of the gallery, and this involved installing a Changing Place. The Changing Place would enable them to welcome visitors with physical or learning disabilities at their art exhibitions and activities.

The new Changing Place includes a Ropox StandardLine washbasin and Shower/Changing bed and Guldmann GH3 Ceiling Hoist.

Bathroom solutions with benefits for users and carers

The StandardLine washbasin is a height-adjustable solution designed specifically for users with limited mobility. It has a 30 cm range and can be adjusted from 70 to 100 cm. This gives wheelchair users the legroom they need under the basin. Since the control switch is integrated into the top of the washbasin, it also provides them with the ability to easily alter the washbasin height at the touch of a button.

It is essential to use space wisely in a Changing Place. One of the benefits of the height-adjustable Shower/Changing Bed is that you can fold it up when not in use to save space. Another advantage is the electric height adjustment. It allows users and carers to set the height at the ideal level easily. It goes as low as 30 cm, which facilitates an easy transfer onto the bench for seated users. The maximum height is 100 cm. This means that careworkers can set the bench to a height that is comfortable for them when assisting the user. The user’s comfort is also a vital concern, and the soft slats ensure that they lie comfortably on the bench. Furthermore, they are easy to remove and clean.

A Changing Place should also have a ceiling hoist to ensure safe and comfortable transfers. A Guldmann GH3 room covering ceiling hoist was, therefore, installed. The hoist is a solution with outstanding reliability. It can charge the batteries regardless of whether it is connected to a docking system or positioned on the track. It means that users and carers never have to worry about the hoist running low on batteries and the complications this may cause in a changing situation.

Welcoming the entire community

By installing a Changing Place, MK Gallery can offer their visitors a changing facility that is high-quality and modern. Doing so, they are also allowing more people to explore their venue. As MK Gallery has chosen to make the Changing Place open to the public, it will not only benefit their own visitors but the surrounding community as well.

The need for Changing Places is clear, and – as always – we are happy to assist in installing them because we know how much they are appreciated by the users, their families and carers.

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