The local centre Sønderskovhus is situated in Lystrup and opened in1991. In total it consists of 36 elder care apartments and 24 nursing care apartments which lately were renovated and changed so the Centre now consists of 12 modern nursing apartments.

The main building consists of a health care clinic, an area for activities, a fitness room and a Café. Voluntary working capacities organize the many activities for the residents.The nursing apartment is furnished with a kitchen solution were both the tabletop and the kitchen cabinets are electrical height adjustable and with this solution all users regardless of what kind of disability they have  they can participate in the kitchen activities. The shared center kitchen is furnished with a free-standing work table that can be adjusted in the height and that is really a great solution for the staff when they on a daily basis prepare light meals and the residents are with this solution able to take part in the different activities in the kitchen. Ropox has also delivered the bathroom solution with the Ropox Swing Wash that can be adjusted in the height according to the different requirements.

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