Center Parcs is a holiday company that operates six holiday villages in the United Kingdom and Ireland. Their aim is for their guests to be able to relax and enjoy their break but they had to ensure that their facilities met the needs of all families. To offer guests with functional impairments equal opportunities, they installed Changing Places units in their villages across the UK. With new Changing Places all guests can enjoy their visit to Center Parcs.

Each Changing Place has a height-adjustable washbasin, toilet support arms, a mobile changing table and a ceiling hoist.

A height-adjustable washbasin meet different users’ needs

A Changing Place is used by a variety of people with different abilities. Therefore, the solutions must be flexible enough to meet different users’ needs. For example, a person using a powerchair or a wheelchair needs a different washbasin height than a standing user.

To accommodate these different needs, the Changing Places are fitted with Ropox StandardLine washbasins. The washbasin is height-adjustable and enables the user to set the height of the washbasin to their preferred height. The cleaning-friendly design without any dirt traps makes it easy for Center Parcs to maintain the required hygiene level in their Changing Places.

Flexible and comfortable sanitary facilities

Next to the toilet, Center Parcs has mounted Ropox Toilet support arms. They provide the user with stable support and something to lean on when getting up or sitting down.

The Changing Place also includes a Guldmann GH3 room covering hoist with a lift capacity of 250 kg and profiled aluminium rails for smooth movement and transfer. The hoist is continuously on charge throughout the room and does not have to be placed in a charging dock after use. It gives the users peace of mind that the hoist will always be ready for use – also in cases where a guest might have forgotten to put the hoist in the dock. Furthermore, there is a mobile changing table which offers a dignified and comfortable solution for visitors needing these facilities.

With their new Changing Places, Center Parcs has chosen high-quality equipment with a proven track record to give the users, families and carers the best possible terms to enjoy their stay at the holiday village.

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