At Ørbygaard care home in Rødovre, Denmark, they could celebrate the completion of 82 new and modern assisted living residences for elderly and demented in January 2020.

After the rebuild, there are 64 one-room apartments and 18 two-room apartments, which all have better and more up-to-date facilities than the old recidences.

The goal for the new homes is to offer the inhabitants in Rødovre a varied supply of modern assisted living facilities, where the users become as self-reliant as possible. That is the reason they have chosen to fit them out with the latest welfare technology.

This is among other things seen in the bathrooms with have the ROPOX SupportLine washbasin installed. It is a washbasin that can be adjusted both in height and sideways. Also, it has integrated grabs on the front edge. The SupportLine washbasin is chosen because it provides optimum support for the users and because it is flexible enough to be adjusted to the individual user’s needs.

Furthermore, the bathrooms are also designed with ROPOX Toilet Support, which can gently help the user to the toilet. This way, the user becomes as self-supporting as possible in their personal hygiene. It not only gives the resident a higher quality of life, but it also releases time for the staff. The bathrooms also have user-friendly cabinets and several grabs and shower rails, which give the residents stable support points to hold on to.

In conclusion, the new assisted living facilities are designed to make the inhabitants as independent as possible while giving the caretakers an optimum working environment. This enhances the resident’s wellbeing and job satisfaction for the employees.

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