When Burton University Hospital designed their Changing Places facility, they wanted to create an outstanding facility for everyone using it. Achieving this involved discussing the available options, equipment needs of patients and visitors and looking into value for money. It was also vital that the room felt warm and welcoming to give the users the best possible surroundings when using the Changing Place.

The final bathroom solution included a Shower and Changing Bed, a SlimLine unit with a Support washbasin and a Toilet Lifter with Support Arms. To complete the Changing Place, a tracked ceiling hoist from Guldmann was mounted in the room as well.

Solutions in the Changing Place

The specifications for a Changing Place are clear and all ROPOX products met the criteria set. For example, you can easily adjust the height from 70 to 100 cm when using the Ropox height-adjustable SlimLine basin. Since the SlimLine unit combines both mirror and washbasin, the mirror is always at the right height – regardless of whether the user is seated or standing.

Another solution that helps users with functional impairments is the Ropox Toilet Lifter. It can gently lower a user to the toilet and support them to get up again ensuring that people with limited capacity can use the bathroom with dignity and as much independence as possible.

The Changing place also has a height-adjustable Shower Changing Bed. The height is easily raised or lowered in a range from 30 to 100 cm with the electric adjustment control, and it can be folded up when not in use to save space. Furthermore, the bench has soft slats where the users get a comfortable position. The bench and slats are both in a cleaning-friendly design and material ensuring that it is as easy as possible to keep a high level of hygiene in the Changing Place.

The Guldmann GH3 room covering ceiling hoist system was chosen since it could be charged from both a charging point and when it is on the track. It also fulfilled the lifting specifications with the ability to lift 200 kg which accommodates the need from the vast majority of patients and visitors at the hospital.

Fantastic feedback

The big test for any Changing Place is whether the users are satisfied with it and find it easy to use. According to Chris Maddox, Community & Corporate Partnerships Manager at Burton University Hospital the new Changing Place passes this test with flying colours:

“The feedback we received was fantastic with many people commenting on how easy all the equipment is to use and how much room there was for wheelchair users and their carer or family member who may be assisting them”.

As a supplier, it is incredibly rewarding to get such positive feedback. It also confirms the need for Changing Places where people with impairments get hygienic facilities that offer dignity and peace of mind. Creating Changing Places a matter of the heart to ROPOX, since we believe that everyone should be able to live as independently as possible and get the aids needed to safely take care of themselves.

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