Ropox Kitchen solution at private home

Danny Motley’s life changed drastically following a cycling accident that resulted in a severe damage to the C3 and C4 levels of his spinal cord, rendering him a wheelchair user. Returning home from a four-month hospital stay, it immediately became clear that Danny and his family’s current home was unsuitable for someone with significant mobility restrictions. The situation put immense pressure on the family, launching them into an urgent and stressful search for a new, adaptable home within their beloved community.

”After the accident, our home felt like an obstacle course,” Danny reflects.

As they found a traditional bungalow that presented the perfect canvas for creating a wheelchair-accessible family home, the house-hunting journey finally ended. Danny took an active role in the redesign, utilising his background in construction to ensure the new home would meet the needs of his family. During the renovation, which was conducted in close collaboration with Occupational Therapists and Case Managers, Danny discovered ROPOX’s pioneering kitchen solutions, which were instrumental in creating an accessible and enjoyable space for everyone.

”The adjustable worktops were the key to reclaiming my kitchen” says Danny.

ROPOX’s innovative solutions were integral to transforming the new kitchen into a space where Danny could regain his independence and participate in family life. The installation of an electric corner rise and fall worktop with an integrated sink and hob, specifically designed for wheelchair users, allowed Danny to move safely and efficiently, rekindling his passion for cooking. These height-adjustable worktops, available in both electric and manual versions, are designed to cater to individuals with reduced mobility, making everyday kitchen tasks accessible and enjoyable for everyone in the family.

”Ropox’s designs meant we didn’t have to compromise on anything,” Danny’s wife says.

The installation of ROPOX’s adjustable kitchen worktops revolutionised Danny’s ability to interact with his family and regain a sense of independence within his home. This solution not only met Danny’s needs but also supported the entire family’s lifestyle, allowing them to function as an integrated unit. The freedom and accessibility provided by ROPOX’s products have been transformative, garnering high praise and recommendations from Danny and his wife to others in similar situations.

”Our home now feels like it truly belongs to us,” Danny’s wife concludes.

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