Quality management system

Ropox A/S wants our customers to experience high quality and professionalism through all contact with Ropox employees and usage of company products.

Basis for good quality is the right attitude of the individual employee. Through targeted recruitment and human resource development, Ropox ensures a staff of employees with will and ability to keep a high quality level in their work.

Ropox A/S’ quality management system is based on DS/EN ISO 9001:2015, and is rooted in the company´s mission, vision, values, strategy, risk management, action plans, policies and performance management.

The quality management system of Ropox A/S has to substantiate the coordination between the company´s procedures in a clear way. Through close co-operation and good communication between customers, suppliers and employees, Ropox will ensure to always offer and supply optimal solution in proportion to needs of our customers.

We are committed to deliver in accordance to agreed quality and delivery time. Our assurance of delivery and total number of complaints must be kept according to current objectives.

We are committed to prevent potential lack of quality by thoroughly planning new projects as well as continuous monitoring and analyzing data. We will work systematically to collect and utilize our experiences.

Ropox A/S’ quality management system must be developed continuously to ensure constant customer satisfaction and benefit of value. In all functions and levels of our organization, we will set up and follow up on definite and ambitious goals of improvement.

Healthy business principles must be established in quality management systems procedures. A continuous administrative simplification and high improvement of the quality management system has to take place.