A height adjustable changing table that is safe and comfortable for both children and adults

There can be numerous lifts during a typical day of care workers in nurseries, kindergartens and other child care institutions. The interior of the institution should be organized in a way where the care workers can avoid heavy lifting. One way of doing this is to use height adjustable changing tables.

ROPOX Maxi2 is a height adjustable nursing table which improves the health and safety of child care centers. Care workers avoid the physical strains of lifting children onto the changing table. The table can easily be set to a comfortable height. Also the ergonomic shape makes it easy to change and wash the child while it lies safely and securely on the nursing table.

The ergonomic shape and the height adjustment provides an improved work posture

The tabletop of the Maxi2 is designed with an ergonomic shape. The tabletop is wide in the end where the child lies and curves slightly inwards at the other end where the care worker is typically standing. The area for the child is spacious and comfortable. This also makes the table more secure because there is the needed space for the child on the table. The shape also allows the care workers to be close to the washbasin, the shelves on the wall and the control switch that adjusts height.

The unique shape makes it more secure and easy to use the changing table. Furthermore, the children lie safely and comfortably on the soft mattress.

Maxi2 has an extra long height adjustment and can be lowered or raised from 40-100 cm using a control switch which is located on the top of the lifting unit. Even smaller children can climb on the nursing table without assistance when the table is lowered to a minimum. When the child sits on the nursing table, it only takes 12 seconds for the lifting unit to raise the table to 100 cm. It is easy for the care workers to adjust the height to the height that suits them best and spare themselves from physical strain. If a changing table is too low, it will be tiresome for the back to stop over the table and change the child.

The lifting unit is hidden behind a discrete, white cover plate. It is mounted on the wall so the space underneath the nursing table is free to adjust it up and down as required. The cover is made of vacuum-shaped plastic with rounded smooth corners and edges. This avoid scratches and keep cleaning effortless.

Safe and secure for children and adults

In child care centers it is paramount that safety is in order and the height adjustable table naturally comes with a built-in safety stop. The safety stop ensures that the table stops immediately if it meets resistance when it is lowered or raised. The table height can only be adjusted, once the object, that is in the way, is removed. This gives both staff and parents peace of mind because the risk of crushing injuries is practically eliminated.

If you need additional safety measures, you can choose between different changing table models and accessories. First of all, you can decide if you prefer the changing table with or without an integrated washbasin. The model with a washbasin has an ergonomic shape that curves slightly inwards. The model without a washbasin is a little smaller and is suitable for smaller changing rooms or if a washbasin is already installed.

You can also mount a touch-free mixer tap. The care workers will quickly see how convenient this is as they can moist a washcloth with just one hand and keep the other hand on the child. It is also possible to mount a mixer tap with a pull-out spray if you prefer.

The ergonomic shape and the electrical height adjustment makes Maxi2 nursing table an obvious choice for nurseries, kindergartens, pre-schoools and other child care centers where you want to create changing rooms that are safe for the children and that provide the best possible work conditions for the care workers.


Item no.: 50-50670

Wall mounted. Incl. sink, monobloc tap, flexible plumbing kit and tread baskets and safety stop.

Table top in white size 130x80/60 cm. Washbasin in the right side.

Electrical height adjustment 40-100 cm.

Maxi 2, with sink

Item no.: 50-50672

Wall mounted incl. thread baskets and safety stop.

Table top white size 90x80/60 cm. Electrical height adjustment 40-100 cm.

Maxi 2, without washbasin


Item no.: 50-50680

Mattresses, grey

Worktop 90 cm.

Dimension 88x70x4 cm.

ATTENTION! Fits item no.: 50-50677


Item no.: 50-50681

Mattresses, grey

Dimensions 80x75x4 cm.

ATTENTION! Fits item no.: 50-50675


Item no.: 50-25792

Mattresses, grey

90 x 75 x 3 cm.

Item no.: 50-25793

Mattresses, grey

Mål 90 x 70 x 3 cm.

Item no.: 50-25797

Mattresses, grey

80 x 75 x 3 cm.

Item no.: 50-50682

Side covers

82x105 cm. Mountede on wall/floor

Side covers mountede on wall/floor

Item no.: 50-50683

Side covers

61x105 cm. Mountede on wall/floor

Item no.: 50-50688

Side covers

76x240 cm. Mountede on side of tabletop

Not retrofit

Side covers mountede on side of tabletop

Item no.: 50-14684


Battery powered


Item no.: 50-50694


Mixer with pull-out spray

Item no.: 50-50690


Extra control with cable for Maxi2 and Medi 2 WHIT safety stop


Item no.: 50-50685

Adapter frame.
For Ropox nursing table Maxi 2. Distance from wall 20mm.

Adapter frame

Item no.: 50-50686

Adapter frame

Distance from wall 80 mm.

Item no.: 50-50696

Basket unit with wash basin

The unit can be installed between nursing tables or at the end.

Basket unit with wash basin

Item no.: 50-50697

Basket unit without wash basin

The unit can be installed between nursing tables or at the end.


Basket unit without wash basin

Item no.: 50-50699

Side guard

Worktop 90 cm.

For mounting on the side of the nursing table.

Not retrofit.



Ropox Maxi2 changing table video.


Technical data

maxi2 technical data

Manufactured in accordance with the following standard: DS/EN 12221-1:2008 + A1 2013, Products for child care ? nursing tables for
private use ? Part 1: Safety requirements

Lifting speed: 12 sek. for 600 mm migration = 50 mm/s
Material: Vacuum-shaped plastic. Aluminium. Coated steel. Stainless steel.
Functional dimensions: height adjustment 400-1000 mm
Max. load: 75 kg





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