Vision High/Low

Item no. 7320

Vision High/Low is an electrically height adjustable table with extra long adjustment range

Vision High/Low is a beautiful and functional table designed for disabled people.  The height adjustment range is longer than on most other tables.

You can use the High/Low sit-stand desk either sitting or standing. The height is easy to set to the optimum work position with a light push on the control switch.

You can tilt the tabletop, and it can almost rise to a vertical position (71°). This can significantly reduce the distance from the user’s eyes to the tabletop. This is particularly an advantage to weak-sighted and users with mobility disabilities.

Even when the user tilts the tabletop, the magnetic MagRule will keep papers in place and make sure they do not slide down. It will also help to ensure that the user has a comfortable work position no matter if they sit or stand or if they tilt the tabletop or not.