Back Rest with Arm Support

Item no. 40-43025
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Arm Supports are foldable independent of each other.
Size of armsupport 54 cm.
Colour is grey and white.


Technical data

Manufactured in accordance with the following standard: DS/ISO 17966:2016

Material: Flexible pur foam. Aluminum. Stainless stand. Plastic.

For people with mobility disabilities, it is essential to have sturdy assistive aids in the bathroom. Many may feel insecure in the wet environment, and a shower seat can make the user feel safer in the bathroom. At the same time, it also offers the possibility to rest if needed.

The shower seat is padded with soft PUR foam that feels comfortable to the skin. It has a nice, large seat and a solid grabbing edge which makes it safe and pleasant to sit on. If you need extra support, you can also mount a backrest and arm supports.

The shower seat can be folded into a vertical position when it is not in use. That way it only takes up very little space, and you can use the room in the bathroom efficiently.

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