Ergo Multi Tables

The ideal training and therapy table for seniors and people with limited functional capacity

Ergo Multi Tables

The ideal training and therapy table for seniors and disabled people

When a user and a carer need to sit relatively close to one another, an ordinary table is usually too wide. The result is that the user and carer sit too far from each other.

That is the reason we have developed the ErgoMulti Table with two crescent-shaped cut-outs; one on each side of the table. That way, the two sitting at the table come closer to each other which is a necessity in training and therapy sessions. The unique tabletop shape allows the user and therapist a comfortable position at the table.

Naturally, the table is designed to provide wheelchair users easy access to ensure a healthy sitting posture.

The ErgoMulti table is recommended by experts – read more here.

A flexible and ergonomic table tailormade for therapy and training sessions

The ErgoMulti table is specifically designed for therapy and training sessions where two people need to sit relatively close facing each other. The crescent-shaped cut-outs give both user and carer a comfortable sitting position because the body can come close to the table while the arms can rest on the tabletop.

The table is also very flexible. For example, you can use the two boomerangs to adjust the size of the crescent-shaped cut-out. One boomerang has a diameter of 30 cm, and the other is 40 cm in diameter.

If you only need a cut-out on one side of the table, it is easy to mount the crescent-shaped plate in the other cut-out. This way you can quickly change the table to suit other activities or user needs.

Another option is to put the crescent-shaped plates in both cut-outs to get a plain, square tabletop as an ordinary desk.

Practical size for training and therapy

The table measures 90 x 70 cm which is a practical size for training sessions. Even though it is a relatively small table, there are many options to adjust the table to the individual user and situation. For example, you can use the boomerangs to change the size of the curves, or you can mount the crescent-shaped plates in the tabletop to get a straight edge on both sides of the table.

The cut-out provides a comfortable working position for the therapist because he/she does not have to lean over the table. When the therapist can get closer to the user and sit in an ergonomically correct sitting posture, he/she gets a better and healthier working environment that does not put unnecessary strain the back or arms.

Manual and maintenance free height adjustment

You can adjust the table height from 56-90 cm. This wide height adjustment range makes it possible to set the table to the right height for the individual user.

The height is adjusted manually using a small handle. The height adjustment mechanism is located on the upper part of the table leg, and it is straightforward to mount the handle when you would like to lower or raise the table.

Elegant design created for people with mobility disabilities

The unique design of the table and its flexibility makes it the ideal choice for training and therapy sessions. Both user and therapist get a comfortable and balanced position by the desk where the arms can rest during the session.

Furthermore, wheelchair users also have easy access to the table. Since the table does not have any crossbars, a wheelchair has free access.

The table is designed with a gray tabletop and a gray frame. The crescent-shaped plate and the two boomerangs are also gray. The result is a discrete and stylish table with welfare technology that makes everyday life easier and the elegant design also fits modern homes, care centers, and workplaces.

A flexible and mobile table

By using the height adjustment and the cut-outs, you can fit the ErgoMulti Table to the needs of the specific situations.

You may also need the table to be movable. If so, you can mount castors with brakes on the table. This way you can quickly and easily move the table to the area where it is needed. Since the table moves smoothly on the castors, the carer can quickly move the table to a new place without any physical strain.

Once the castors are braked, you can be quite sure that the table stands fixed and safely and that it will not slide if anyone should lean on it.

In all, ErgoMulti Table is the optimum choice if you need a training or therapy table for elderly or people with mobility disabilities.

The ErgoMulti table makes rehabilitation better for both users and therapists

Anette Kjærsgaard (occupational therapist with a PhD in dysphagia) professional assessment confirms that the ErgoMulti table is ideal for rehabilitation, and it demonstrates how the tables well thought out design makes it possible to help and support the patient in the best possible way. Read more here.

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