Shower/changing bed

Height adjustable and ergonomic shower & changing beds for changing and personal care

Shower/changing bed

Flexible shower/changing bed for people with mobility disabilities

The height-adjustable shower/changing bed is a stable, durable and flexible solution for people with mobility disabilities. The user lies comfortably and safely on the nursing bench, and the caregiver gets optimum work conditions. When the bench is not in use, you can fold it up and avoid that it takes up space in the room.

The slats are double-sided and have a soft, flexible surface that is comfortable to the user. The care staff can change the height using the electrical height adjustment. Combined with the ergonomic and cleaning friendly design, it gives optimum work conditions for the carers.

You can adjust the shower/changing bed height from 30-100 cm using a hand control. This allows the carer to set the height to a suitable level and allows for a smooth transfer of, e.g., wheelchair users with a minimum physical strain for the caregivers.

A shower/changing bed that makes changing and personal care comfortable and safe

Seniors and people with mobility disabilities may need support for changing and personal care, and the shower/changing bed is an excellent assistive aid for these situations. The users lie safely and comfortably on the flexible slats while the caregivers can work in ergonomic and healthy positions.

The carer can adjust the shower/changing bed to the desired height using the electrical height adjustment. It makes it possible to lower the nursing bench to a suitable level for transferring a user onto the bed. When the user lies safely on the bench, the carer can raise it to an appropriate working height.

The ergonomic design improves the work environment for the caregivers

ROPOX shower/changing benches are very comfortable for the user, and they also provide an improved work environment for the carers.

The nursing bench has turnable slats made of soft, flexible PUR foam. The top side of the slats is soft and curves slightly towards the middle, which makes them suitable for situations where the user does not need to turn as the body naturally will be positioned on the centre of the slats.

The other side of the slats is flatter and curve slightly upwards on the middle. When the user lies on this side of the slats, it will be easier for the carers to turn the user on the side, e.g., when changing clothes.

As the two sides of the slats curve slightly up and down on the middle, the carers can use them as support when working by the nursing bench, and they also minimise the number of heavy lifts. The slats’ design gently guides the user to lie in the most convenient position with regards to the caregivers’ work environment.

Flexible and cleaning-friendly

To fit out the bathroom or changing room in an optimum way, the shower/changing bed is designed so it is easy to fold up, when it is not in use.

Naturally, the design is also cleaning-friendly. The slats and the water collection tray have soft, smooth surfaces with rounded corners without any dirt traps and this makes it easier to maintain a high hygiene level.

Electrical height adjustment

The shower/changing bed has electrical height adjustment, and you set the height using a practical hand control. This way you can lower and raise the nursing bench with just one hand.

The changing bed has a height adjustment range of 70 cm from 30-100 cm. This means that the bed can be lowered to a height where the carers can transfer a user onto the bed smoothly and gently. It makes the user feel safer and more comfortable, and it also minimizes the physical strain for the carer and gives them a better work environment.

Shower/changing beds for children and adults with mobility disabilities

The nursing bench is available in sizes for children and adults, and there are three models which all come with or without a tiltable back support.

There is one model with four slats that is 146 cm long, one model with five slats that is 178 cm long and a model with six slats that is 210 cm long.

No matter which model you prefer, it is of course tested and approved according to relevant standards and you can be certain that your shower/changing bed is both durable and safe in use.

Electrical height adjustment

The shower/changing bed has electrical height adjustment. The height is adjusted with the electric hand control. This way a carer can lower and raise the bed with one hand.

The height adjustment is 30-100 cm, i.e., a total range of 70 cm. Because the bed can be lowered to just 30 cm above floor level, the transfer of the user onto the bed can be done with a minimum of strain of the carer.

You can adjust the movable model from 52 to 92 cm in height. This means that the care workers can lower the bed to a comfortable work position, when helping a user onto the bench, and raise it to suit a standing helping position when the user is washed or changed.

Three sizes make it suitable for both children and adults

The shower/changing bed is available in three sizes:
146 cm with four slats
178 cm with five slats
210 cm with six slats

Each variant can be supplied with or without a back support that can be raised.

All models are tested and approved for a maximum load of 220 kg.

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