Toilet support arms

Provides support and safety for elderly and disabled when using the toilet

Toilet support arms

User-friendly toilet support arms for elderly and disabled

The disability friendly Toilet Support Arms are a great aid if a user needs support when using the toilet. People with reduced mobility can use the toilet arms to hold on to while sitting down and as an aid to get into standing position again.

The user has a firm grip from both standing and seated position because they are designed with an anti-slip surface. If you need a little extra support for getting up and sitting down, you can also mount the standing/sitting attachments.

The Toilet Support Arms can be adjusted in height and in different angels to suit the individual user’s needs. Furthermore, there are two different shapes and it can be customized to suit four different weight load. This makes it possible to find the optimum support arms for the individual user or environment.

Toilet Support Arms makes people with reduced mobility more self-reliant

With the right aids and assistive products, a user can get the support they need in order to use the toilet without the assistance of a caretaker. As our muscles grow weaker as we age, we get more insecure and the simple things like getting on and off a toilet include a potential risk. For people with limited functional capacity it can be challenging to use the toilet, and assistive aids is their a chance to become more independent and capable to use the toilet alone.

To make it simpler for persons with dementia to see and recognise the Toilet Support Arms, they can be marked with contrasting colours (options).

In these situations, the Toilet Support Arms can be a valuable aid. They provide the user with stable support and something to lean on when getting up or sitting down and for some people, it makes them able to use the toilet on their own.

Ergonomic assistive aids

The Toilet Support Arms have an elliptical shape. This means that they are very comfortable to hold on to as the shape fits perfectly in a person’s hand. The oval shape also helps to relieve the pressure on the user’s hands and forearms.

Because of the ergonomic shape, the users get a comfortable and secure grip which makes them feel safe. The support arms also have a cleaning-friendly, smooth surface that ensures hygiene can be kept to the highest standards.

The Toilet Support Arms are available in two shapes. One is a straight model and the other is a wave-shaped model. The wave-shaped model is designed with two built-in heights. The user can use the highest part of the support arm to keep balanced while standing up, and the lower part of the support arm to hold on to when they are about to get up to standing position. This means that the user will get the support they need at the right moment.

The Toilet Support Arms are available in two different lengths of 76 and 90 cm respectively.

Both the Straight model and the Wave model are available in a standard version approved for 190 kg and 255 kg respectively.

If you need the Toilet Support Arms to handle a higher weight load, you can choose models with telescopic support legs or with support. If this is done, the toilet supports can handle loads up to 390 kg.

Adjust the Toilet Support Arms to suit individual needs

The Toilet Support Arms can be adjusted in height by 120 mm by using a wall-mounted, height adjustable fitting. They can either be adjusted manually with an allen wrench or they can be fitted with a mechanism that allows a user or carer to adjust the height with one hand.

It is also possible to adjust the toilet arms into various positions. For example, if a wheelchair user needs free access to one of the sides of the toilet, they can bring the support arms up to a vertical position.

Accessories that make it easier to use the toilet

For people with limited mobility, it can be difficult to lean to the side to reach the toilet paper. To prevent this, you can add a toilet roll holder to the support arms. The toilet roll holder can easily be clicked on the handrail and removed if it is not needed.

It is also possible to get a standing/sitting attachment. This is a small handle that is also clicked on the support arms. The handle stands vertically and provides the user a solid grab they can use to pull themselves into standing position.

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