Toilet lifter

An assistive aid that makes people with mobility disabilities more self-reliant when toileting

Toilet lifter

Hight adjustable toilet lifter for people with mobility disabilities

The ROPOX Toilet Lifter is a small unit with high capacity and a discreet design that gives people with reduced mobility the possibility to extend their independence. It lowers and lifts the user to the best seated or standing position. Importantly, it is straightforward to set to the optimum height for both user and helper.

The design provides plenty of space and good access in transfer situations. It is easy to adjust the height, and the user or care worker can operate it using a wireless hand control (electric model) or with a handle (manual model).

It has an ergonomic design and is both durable and stable in use. The smooth surface with rounded edges is cleaning-friendly making it easy to maintain a high level of hygiene.

The ROPOX Toilet Lifter prolongs an independent life

We have one goal for our assistive aids. They should support the elderly and disabled in being independent and self-reliant for as long as possible. The Toilet Lifter meets this goal because it enables users to do their toileting even if they have reduced mobility.

Toileting is one of the most private situations. Extending the period where a user can do use the toilet on their own, significantly adds to their self-esteem and quality of life. The Toilet Lifter is a disability-friendly aid that gently helps the user on and off the toilet and gives the user the needed support to safely use the toilet in the daily bathroom routines.

A height-adjustable aid

The Toilet Lifter is a small unit with high capacity and a discreet design which makes the user feel safe. Even if you mount the height-adjustable Toilet Support Arms, there is plenty of space and good access for both user and care workers in transfer situations. This is because the Toilet Supports Arms are mounted on the side of the unit and can be folded up. You can find more information about special Toilet Support Arms for the Toilet Lifter under Accessories.

Both the manual and the electric model are height-adjustable. The electric model can be adjusted from 40 cm to 65 cm (25 cm in total) and is operated with a wireless hand control that comes in a small hook which allows you to keep it close at hand.

It is not only a user-friendly solution, but it also makes cleaning easier because there are no spiral cables which can be difficult to clean. If it is only the care workers who will be using the hand control, it can either be locked or removed from the room – without having to detach any cables from the unit. The electric height-adjustment can be installed on the left or right side of the unit according to the room layout and preferences.

The manual model can be adjusted from 40 cm to 62 cm (22 cm in total) in height and is operated using a handle that is installed on the side of the unit. It can be installed on either the left or right side of the unit and is easy to remove if it is only the careworkers who should adjust the height.

Ergonomic and durable accessories

The Toilet Lifter can be combined with all standard wall-hung toilets. If the situation or the user requires additional assistive aids, the Toilet Lifter can be combined with Toilet Support Arms which serve as stable handrails on each side of the toilet.

The Support Arms come in two models. A straight model that offers a solid grab and a wave-shaped model with an improved ergonomic design for optimum comfort and support.

The Toilet Lifter can also be fitted with a toilet roll holder as well as a standing/sitting attachment. The latter is a small handle that is fixed onto the Support Arm to provide the user with a firm grip. This helps the user to pull themselves up to standing position.

It is also possible to add a backrest to the Toilet Lifter. It is soft to lean on and available in a long and short model. The long backrest is used for toilets with an elongated toilet bowl (700 mm). It can be adjusted 100 mm by loosening the adjustment screw, putting the backrest to the desired position and tightening the screw again. The short backrest is for standard toilet bowls (560 mm).

The Toilet Lifter is tested and approved for a maximum user load of 400 kg cf. DS/EN 17966:2016. This is the standard for assistive products for personal hygiene that support users.

Like the washbasin, the toilet can be designed with contrasting colours on the toilet seat, and the same applies to the flush button and the toilet supports (options).

The cleaning-friendly solution makes it easy to maintain a high level of hygiene

The Toilet Lifter is designed with a smooth surface and nicely rounded corners. This ensures that it is hygienic and cleaning-friendly. As there are no dirt traps, it is quick and easy to clean it. This is done by wiping with a cloth wrung in lukewarm water and a mild detergent. If disinfection is required, standard household disinfectants can be used.

The Toilet Lifter is a product that proves that people with reduced mobility can be independent for longer. As a result, it is possible to support the user in extending the period of independence in taking care of personal hygiene.

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