Height adjustable nursing tables

Below you find a selection of our adjustable nursing tables for day care centers and day care nursery.

Height adjustable nursing tables for kindergartens and nurseries

You can lower the height of ROPOX nursing tables so even small children can get onto the table without help. When the child is on the table, the care worker can easily adjust the height and raise the nursing table to a comfortable working height where they have a healthy work posture. This way they avoid changing the children without any physical strain. When you nurse and change several children during a day, it can make a significant difference to the work environment, when this task becomes easier.

As the lifting unit is mounted on the wall, there is nothing taking up space underneath the table and it can smoothly be lowered and raised from minimum to maximum height. It also provides room for plumbing and electricity if you choose a model with integrated washbasin.

Ergonomic nursing tables make daily life safer

ROPOX nursing tables are a popular solution amongst child care institutions as for example nurseries, kindergartens and special schools. Partly because of the electrical height adjustment and partly because of the shape and size of the table.

The washbasin is integrated into the tabletop, and all edges and corners are rounded. This means that there are no dirt traps where bacteria can hide and it becomes easier to maintain a high level of hygiene.

Furntermore, the area where the children can lie is so large that even older children can lie comfortably. If the lying area is too small, older children can get their arms or legs over the side and in worst cases slide off the nursing table if the care worker is unattentive for a short moment. On Medi2 and Maxi2 nursing tables younger and older children lie safely which means increased safety for both children and adults.

If you would like to increase security, you can mount side guards. They minimize the risk of children falling off the table.

When the care workers are working at the nursing table, it is also important that they can reach the necessary items like diapers, washcloths, waste bags, etc. That is why some of the nursing tables are designed with to widths. It is widest where the children are lying and narrow where the care worker is standing so they can reach e.g. shelves on the wall more easily. Another option is to mount baskets under the nursing table to have the needed items at hand.

Ropox nursing tables


Ropox nursing tables